The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Diploma Mills and Phony Degrees: The Alarming Impact to Our Industry

According to Wikipedia there are 400+ Diploma Mills in operation selling fake degrees and another 300+ websites offering counterfeit diplomas. The number of individuals “owning” a fake degree or diploma is hard to estimate, however Allen Ezel and John Bear boldly state in “Degree Mills: The Billion-Dollar industry that has Sold Over a Million Fake Diplomas” that more than 50% of the individuals claiming to have earned a PhD actually have a fake degree. There are not only legal ramifications for someone misrepresenting educational credentials, but the repercussions to the hiring company are just as serious. In this session, the speaker will provide resources to help identify Diploma Mills and Falsified Educational Credentials and discuss alternative solutions to the “Degree Requirement” in place at many companies.


This program is a recorded session from ACRP 2018