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techXpo Replay—Dismantling the Status Quo of Monitoring: Moving Towards a Technology-Enabled Approach to Trial Oversight


  • Amanda Coogan, Customer Engagement Product Manager, Remarque
  • Rachael Geedey, Manager of Clinical Data Science, Premier Research


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For too long, the idea of monitoring has been mostly limited to CRAs, on-site monitoring visits and 100% SDV. This approach is time consuming, costly and has been proven ineffective.

Now is the time to leverage technology to approach monitoring using a holistic, data-driven and risk-based data strategy plan. Imagine a world where all data monitoring is streamlined in a single system, as one source of truth, used to assess site performance and overall trial oversight.

Learning Objectives

  • Moving away from the limited scope of “monitoring” to bigger picture/critical thinking: top down versus bottom up approach
  • Risk-based approach to Overall Data Strategy Plan that incorporates all types of monitoring; not just monitoring in the sense of CRA on-site visits: Expanding the definition of monitoring beyond on-site visits
  • Leverage new technology and adjust processes to consolidate all monitoring tasks in the same system: all monitor types have single source of truth; manage risk and make risk-based decisions for targeted SDV/data cleaning; to focus targeted monitoring efforts; and Conduct holistic trial data and operational surveillance

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