The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Updates on Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in Clinical Research and the False Claims Act

Whistleblower Acts play an important role in detecting fraud, waste and abuse. A person who “knows” of fraud being committed against the government can file a lawsuit and, in some cases, receive a reward for bringing original information about a violation to the government’s attention. Because of the importance of the False Claims Acts in clinical research, this presentation will provide a primer on the Acts, address fraud enforcement trends and the various “hot button” issues in clinical research. It will also discuss how non-compliance compromises not only the financial and operational viability of current trials, but may result in a loss of funding, a risk of fines and penalties imposed by oversight agencies, settlement costs and/or damages arising from actions, and diminution of the organization’s reputation.


This program is a recorded session from ACRP 2019