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Virtual ACRP 2020, Part II – Leadership & Career Growth Track Replay

This package is a replay of the ACRP 2020 Virtual, Part II Program.  It includes the following sessions:

  • Women in Leadership: Chutes, Ladders, and Unexpected Journeys

What does it really take for women to succeed at the highest levels of clinical research? Hear executive leaders get “real” about their career journeys—all the failures, successes, mentors, sponsors, and twists and turns along the way. Join our esteemed panel for an honest conversation about what it takes to advance as a woman in research. Speakers: Patricia Leuchten, Founder and CEO, The Avoca Group; Jeanne Hecht, MBA, PMP, Chief Executive Officer, Ora, Inc.; Jennifer Byrne, CEO, Javara Research; Corsee Sanders, PhD, Board Director and Strategic Consultant, Juno Therapeutics; Katherine Vandebelt, Global Head of Clinical Innovation, Oracle Health Sciences Global Business Unit

  • Choosing Courage over Comfort: Daring Leadership for High-Functioning Clinical Research Teams

This session is designed to improve the leadership skills of attendees and increase their competency in the Leadership and Professionalism domain. Attendees will be able to describe the skill sets of daring leadership and apply them into their daily work. What the clinical research world needs now more than ever are brave leaders. Current research by Brene Brown reveals that the key to brave leaders is courage and the only way to get to courage is learning to rumble with vulnerability. Speakers: Lynn Bartholow, CCRC, Executive Director of Research Compliance, Avera Health; Melissa Hiatt, President, Levav Leadership Consulting

  • Advancing the Clinical Research Workforce through Effective Internships

When you ask a group of clinical research professionals how they got into the industry, it is not surprising to hear, “I fell into it”. As the spotlight focuses on advancing professionalism of the clinical trial workforce, the need for earlier development pathways for future clinical researchers is obvious. If you are interested in building an intern program, attend this session to learn how to identify the best student interns, determine if they will be a good fit, provide them with the training necessary to develop their qualifications, and decide how and when to take the next steps. Speakers: Bridget Browder, MS, CCRC, Manager, Learning and Development, MedTrials; Amber Beckham, MS, ACRP-CP, Clinical Research Associate, MedTrials; Deepti Patki, MS, CCRC, Study Start-Up Specialist, Hoffman-La Roche, Canada

  • Stop Measuring Seat Time – An Introduction to Competency-Based Learning in Clinical Environments

Training has long focused solely on gaining certain knowledge or skills. However, neither skill acquisition nor successful implementation is tracked. Instead, training records show merely whether or not an employee participated in a training, when, and how long it took them. By changing our focus from measuring how much training someone attended (seat time), to examining what they can do as a result of their learning or training, we can create a culture of learning that is about helping organizations make real change. This highly-interactive session will focus on the what, why, and how of developing competency-based learning and give participants the opportunity to begin planning CBL experiences for their staff or clients. It’s so much more than quantifying the amount of training, it’s time to measure its impact. Speakers: Dr. Philip Holmes, EdD, Senior Director of Organizational Development, Rho, Inc.; Greg Garner, MEd, Learning and Performance Specialist, Rho, Inc.

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This program is a compilation of recorded sessions from Virtual ACRP 2020, Part II.