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Virtual ACRP 2020, Part I – Workforce Development Track Replay

This package is a replay of the ACRP 2020 Virtual, Part Program. It includes the following sessions:

  • ‘Could You Repeat That?’ Effective Communication in an Age of Distraction

We think communication should be easy, but we perpetually find that it isn’t. We think we’ve done it well, only to find misunderstandings and misinformation abound and we ask, “why is this so hard?” The risks of miscommunication range from frustration and team conflict, to expensive delays and rework, to threats to scientific integrity and even patient safety. Effective communication is a journey without a destination – we can always make progress and improve, but we never fully arrive. For that reason, it is worth regularly visiting this topic and asking how we can do it better, both individually and corporately. In this session, we will explore common communication challenges and then supply practical steps to develop and deliver more effective communications at the interpersonal and organizational level. Speaker: Ryan Bailey, MA, Senior Learning & Performance Specialist II, Rho

  • We’re All in This Together – Communications Strategies for Getting What You Need

Interpersonal communication is more important than ever, and is critical to getting what we need from others to do our job. There are more and more ways to communicate, but with these come new barriers to effective communication. This course will help identify and overcome common communication barriers, develop good communication practices, and provide do’s and don’ts for effective communication. Real-life examples will be used to demonstrate communication techniques for difficult situations and removing communication barriers. Building good relationships is the key to influencing others – you don’t have to be the boss to get what you need! This course will provide strategies that can be implemented immediately to get what you need from others. Speaker: Suzanne Kincaid, CCRA, ACRP-PM, COO, Aperio Clinical Outcomes

  • Research is as Research Does: Does Drug or Device Experience Really Matter?

This session will explore the difficulty clinical research professionals face when either presented with an opportunity to cross over from drug to device studies and vice versa, or a sponsor takes the leap of faith and hires a professional to a device (or drug) company when they have several years of drug (or device) experience and no years of device (or drug) experience. As a result of this continued practice, we are creating unnecessary barriers to grow our teams and our careers. The regulations may be different, but our skill sets and strengths are all the same. Speaker: Lisa Haney, BS, CCRC, Director of Research, Nura Research Institute

  • Competencies: The Foundation for Everything

Competency is more than a buzzword. Understand how effective implementation of competency standards can improve workforce development initiatives, drive research quality, and improve internal audit outcomes. Speaker: Bree Burks, RN, MSN, Vice President of Strategy, Site Solutions, Veeva Systems

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This program is a compilation of recorded sessions from Virtual ACRP 2020, Part I.