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Virtual ACRP 2020, Part II – Workforce Development – (Part 2) Track Replay

This package is a replay of the ACRP 2020 Virtual, Part II Program.  It includes the following sessions:

  • Development of an Institutional Research Education Program: Addressing Research Professional Needs

Providing research education and training at an institutional level has the potential to assist in standardizing on-boarding and research conduct, while providing opportunity for continuing professional development for research professionals. This presentation describes the process of building an institutional research education program based on data from a needs assessment conducted within the institutional research community, and a subsequent evaluation and follow-up needs assessment to determine future program development. We will discuss how education gaps can be identified and addressed to assist research professionals in conducting high quality, compliant research. Speakers: Erin Lynch, Clinical Research Educator, Lurie Children’s Hospital Office of Research Integrity and Compliance ; Michelle Corbett, MS, Assistant Director, Clinical Research Education, Lurie Children’s Hospital Office of Research Integrity and Compliance

  • The Plight of the CRA: Tips and Tricks for Mastering Your Craft

This session will provide you with techniques to help advance you in your CRA position. Whether you are looking for advancement in your career or professional development skills to succeed this is the session for you. While the content focuses on developing the expertise of the monitor, this course also benefits sponsor/CRO personnel involved in project planning and management, as well as site staff who are involved in data entry. Speaker: Reginald Hooks, MS, MPH, PMP, Associate Director, Clinical Operations, Oncolytics Biotech

  • Developing the Next Generation of Clinical Research Professionals in Biotech Companies

In the rapid growth of the biotech world, the clinical jobs are different, and there is increasing need to hire the right people now, as we develop the next generation of clinical research professionals. When unqualified clinical staff manage studies and vendors there is direct impact in cost, time and quality. Given that there are close to 100 programs in the United States from online certificates to Masters programs in Clinical Research Management, there are wealth of interested candidates to draw from. So, what’s missing? A group in Boston created a “Bridge to Biotech” program to provide practice and improve application of theory, creating a more skilled and experienced workforce to populate the next generation of clinical operations. Learn more about the effort to expand the initiative beyond New England. Speakers: Manny Lazaro, MS, Vice President, Head of Clinical Operations, Jounce Therapeutics; Laurie Halloran, BSN, MS, CCRA, President & CEO, Halloran Consulting Group

  • Identifying, Qualifying and Retaining Investigators

The investigator turnover rate is high, the “one and done” phenomenon is real in the clinical trials industry. What seems to be the root cause? Are we demanding too much from our PIs? Is it the complex protocol design? Learn how to identify investigators, train them and all the while keep them engaged. Speaker: Christina Brennan, MD, MBA, CCRC, VP, Clinical Research, Northwell Health

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This program is a compilation of recorded sessions from Virtual ACRP 2020, Part II.