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Webinar Replay: Strategic Planning and Operational Efficiency: There’s a Difference But It Seems We’re Losing Sight of That


  • Jill Heinz, MSH, CCRC, CRCP, Director, Clinical Research, Injury Care Research

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Session Replay Expires July 1, 2023.

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Session Replay Expires July 1, 2023.

In the days of benchmarking, six-sigma, change management and reengineering it seems the difference between operational efficiency and strategic planning has been blurred.  While both are imperative to creating and maintaining a successful business, knowing the difference between the two concepts and their applicability is essential.  This webinar is aimed at clinical research companies that have been established for a few years and now need to strategize the direction of their companies and activities, ensuring their long term survival and growth in the competitive environment of our industry.

Upon completion of this Webinar, attendees should be able to:

  1. Describe the difference between operational efficiency and strategic planning.
  2. Distinguish between activities that lead to operational efficiency that help support their company’s strategic plan and the components of a strategic plan.
  3. Learn the decision process and the necessary trade-offs that need to be made to maintain focus on the strategic plan.