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The clinical research profession is in the midst of a serious workforce shortage. And the problem is getting worse.

This was the focus of a think tank at the ACRP 2022 annual conference, where thought leaders from across the clinical research spectrum came together to consider the likely reasons for this situation and how best to turn barriers into bridges. Turning their attention to the 2-year experience requirement, the group agreed that there is an urgent need for new recruits.

ACRP’s Partners Advancing the Clinical Research Workforce™ supports organizations that are implementing novel and innovative methods to address barriers to entry into the clinical research profession, and are building bridges to recruit and retain new and diverse talent into the industry.

Learn below how these “barrier busters” are informing and inspiring a new, diverse generation of professionals whose skills align with the needs of the clinical research industry.

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Join industry leaders and get recognized for helping to build a diverse, research-ready workforce.

ACRP workforce development partners gain access to a preeminent industry consortium that is breaking down barriers to entry in the clinical research workforce and creating fundamental change in industry recruiting and retention strategies.

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Merck's Early Talent Rotational Program

Merck’s Early Talent Rotational Program is addressing the need for a workforce pipeline by recruiting, training, and developing inexperienced new graduates to launch careers in clinical research, creating a continuous feeder pool of new clinical research professionals.

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Durham Tech CTRA Program

The Durham Tech Clinical Trials Research Associate program leverages partnerships with hiring managers to bypass systemic barriers and create alternate paths, resulting in more precise matching of candidates to opportunities.

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MCA’s Clinical Trial Academy

Medical Center of the Americas Foundation’s Clinical Trial Academy is increasing Latino representation in clinical trials through growth and diversification of the clinical research workforce, improving patient access to clinical trials, and advancing groundbreaking medical care.

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UC Davis Health Clinical and Translational Science Center has piloted an innovative and scalable CRC training program to support the discovery of new medical therapies while providing a meaningful career opportunity for a diverse group of community college students.

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Have a Model to Share?

We would love to highlight your initiatives and success stories in addressing the barriers to entry into the clinical research profession and recruiting and retaining new and diverse talent. If you have a story to share, please email Kara Bastarache, ACRP’s Senior Manager of Educational Programs.