The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Clinical Trial Insights Service

Turn your organization’s most important initiatives into its biggest successes with clinical trial insights research.

This new solution from Continuum and ACRP combines best-in-class market research capabilities with unprecedented access to clinical research professionals, who will provide valuable, actionable insights into elements that will ultimately make or break your clinical trial: study design, patient behavior, recruitability, retention initiatives, and so much more.

With this solution, we can develop and execute custom insights research — from In Depth Interviews (IDI) to surveys to group discussions and more — with the ability to reach targeted subsets of ACRP’s global database of clinical research professionals who want to have their voices heard, including:

  • Investigators
  • Clinical Research Coordinators
  • Clinical Trial Managers
  • Site Managers
  • Patient Recruitment Specialists
  • …and +30 more

Leverage this global community to gather broad perspectives on your next project:

  • Planning a new protocol
  • Conducting therapeutic area research
  • Patient journey exploration
  • Recruitability analysis
  • Developing a new tech solution
  • …and more

With professionals who have specialized focus across more than 20 therapeutic areas, including:

  • Autoimmune
  • CNS
  • Oncology
  • Rare Diseases
  • Vaccines
  • Women’s Health
  • …and many more

Whatever your goal, this comprehensive clinical trial insights solution offers a highly personalized, affordable experience that provides your organization with the valuable information you need to make informed decisions.

Simply tell us about your project, and we will work collaboratively with you to:

  • Develop a research solution specifically designed for you,
  • Execute your clinical trial insights project from start to finish, and
  • Give you the insights you need to support your organization’s most critical initiatives