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ACRP’s unique lifecycle approach to workforce development means you have a dedicated partner in getting the most from your team at every career stage. Better People. Better Results.

Browse the resources below to see how ACRP supports talent acquisition, onboarding, and continuous team development.

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Talent Acquisition

You want the best people—and ACRP is where to find them.

Our global community of dedicated professionals is the gold standard in clinical research, and has the credentials to prove it.

No matter how your organization recruits, ACRP can connect you to the industry’s top talent.


ACRP Annual Conference

Connect face-to-face with qualified professionals at ACRP’s annual gathering of clinical research professionals. Attendees include ACRP Certified professionals and others working in everything from clinical trial management and study conduct to business operations and administration.

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Onboarding & Orientation

Establish standards and build team competency. 

The key to setting up employees—and your organization—for success is a solid foundation in quality research.

Set the standard of practice for new hires and deliver focused training on everything from the essentials to more-specialized topics.

ACRP delivers flexible, scalable programs that optimize your training budget.


ACRP Early Talent Training Program™

Accelerate talent onto your study teams. ACRP’s Early Talent Training™ Program is a proven course to introduce core clinical research curriculum to those who are new to clinical research and who have the right skillset to succeed.

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eLearning License

A series of e-learning courses that offers your team a robust foundation in clinical research, along with a standardized approach to building knowledge and skills.

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Ongoing Development

Upskill, reskill, and foster community.

Once onboard and oriented, your team might need specialized training, more study on processes and guidelines, or continuing education for licensure renewal or certification.

Make training resources available when they’re needed, and connect your team to the larger research community through online discussion groups, live webinars, and more.


ACRP Membership

Give your team access to 80+ continuing education programs, ACRP’s robust Online Community, discounts on the flagship ACRP Certification, and more, through our institutional membership program.

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Competency Validation

Validate competence and recognize achievement. 

When your employees pass an ACRP Certification Exam, your organization gains the industry’s most recognized and respected endorsement of their understanding of international clinical research standards and ability to apply that knowledge on the job.

And, independent research shows ACRP Certification results in:

  • Higher Enrollment Rates
  • Lower Protocol Deviations
  • Fewer 483 Warning Letters
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance
  • Better Inspection Performance

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