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Develop organizational competency and get your team working from the same playbook with ACRP’s comprehensive online training solution.

ACRP’s competency-based eLearning programs leverage interactive, state-of-the-art adult learning techniques to ensure true comprehension of course content and the ability to apply learning on the job.

Our unique training platform also gives your organization the comprehensive performance data needed to identify areas for course correction, proactively address competency gaps, and mitigate risk in your clinical trials.

Why Competency Matters

Getting On the Same Page

“Competencies help focus employees’ behavior on things that matter most to your organization and help drive success. They can provide a common way to harmonize, select, and develop talent.

The benefits are clear for employees and managers, and ultimately, your organization.

For employees, competencies offer a description of the standards of excellence for current roles and potential future roles – in other words, they describe what “great” performance looks like.

For managers, they provide resources to help them select and develop employees, and provide language to guide performance feedback.

For organizations, they provide an action-oriented translation of what it looks like to demonstrate the values that are key to success.”

Reference: The HR Trove

How ACRP eLearning Delivers

What makes ACRP different is our commitment to competency development.

Voice-over PowerPoint slides with a handful of questions at the end is not developing competency or translating to high-quality clinical research.

Featuring interaction points that force engagement with course content, ACRP eLearning delivers baseline knowledge and then forces your team to put it in action—to make good decisions and to understand what’s behind them, to know the international guidelines and regulations for good clinical practice and how to apply them.

Our courses also include downloadable job aids for real-world use and relevant resources for further study.

Build a solid, consistent foundation across your team and be confident in its ability to deliver high-quality clinical research by partnering with ACRP.


Programs Available In Your eLearning License

Interactive. Convenient. Self-Paced. ACRP eLearning is built for today’s busy professionals.

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Simple Management & Powerful Data

Compliance Management

Save time and energy by assigning and tracking completion of training programs in one place—for your entire team.

Our system lets you efficiently manage training compliance and quickly access certificates of completion when you need them.

Employee Gap Analysis

Understanding areas for further development is critical to team performance.

Our system gives you individualized analytics on training program performance so you can identify personal knowledge gaps and areas for more-focused, targeted development.

Organizational Gap Analysis

Knowing your organizational competency gaps is how you put an end to the wasteful practice of “training by firehose.”

You need rich data and an organization-wide view of your team’s competency gaps to effectively mitigate risk and make the most of your corrective training budget—and that’s what ACRP delivers.