Looming Changes Demand Clinical Trial Practitioner Flexibility

David Vulcano

David M. Vulcano, LCSW, MBA, CIP, RAC, VP for Research Compliance & Integrity, HCA Healthcare

At a time when change is hurtling toward clinical trial practitioners like a runaway train, it’s vital to take a step back, pause for a deep breath, and make time to “get to know something you didn’t know before [and be open] to thinking differently,” says thought leader David Vulcano, LCSW, MBA, CIP, RAC, vice president, Research Compliance and Integrity, HCA Healthcare.

Vulcano, a former chair of the Association Board of Trustees for ACRP, is leading a “rapid fire” panel at the ACRP 2022 conference in Orlando, Fla. next month that he says is designed to “inspire” clinical trial personnel and help them get a better understanding of what’s coming from down the track and around the bend in the profession.

“It’ll be a fast-paced, high-energy” encounter with several experts covering some key challenges and opportunities, he says, including how Merck’s Global Clinical Trial Organization has recruited and developed new talent, how professionals can leverage social media to improve patient recruitment, and how to craft successful career paths.

Vulcano is well situated to share his own experiences in the clinical trial field, as well as to offer advice to new entrants and those who want to take the next step in their clinical research careers. “You don’t have to be an expert in every topic, but it’s important to know something about the trends we’re going to be discussing,” he says.

Vulcano is also leading a separate session at ACRP 2022 that will provide an overview of how the pandemic forced many clinical trial operations into a decentralized mode, and the subsequent impacts this had on site cash flow, workforce safety, and increased flexibility.

“We will look at how can we all help each other through these challenges, and how we as a workforce can maintain compliance while working in a remote environment,” Vulcano says.

Author: Michael Causey