The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

ACRP Early Talent Training Program™

Accelerate talent onto your study teams. ACRP’s Early Talent Training™ Program is a proven course to introduce core clinical research curriculum to those who are new to clinical research and who have the right skillset to succeed.

Today’s workforce is not keeping pace with growing demand for diverse, research-ready clinical research professionals. With unprecedented churn and job postings growing by the day, organizations are discovering new ways to recruit early talent into the clinical research industry. We are in an exciting era of growth and equally challenging time to find quality, competent employees. For managers of clinical research teams who are committed to recruiting and retaining the best of the best, ACRP offers a new program—the ACRP Early Talent Training™ Program.

Originally developed to support a pilot apprenticeship program, ACRP has refined the curriculum to accelerate educational training for early talent to benefit sponsors, CROs, academic and health institutions, and sites—any company or organization that needs competent and confident clinical research professionals on their study teams.

A Bold Program of Blending Learning

  • 3-Week Virtual Educational Training
  • Four 2-Hour Sessions Per Week
  • 24 Hours of Live Interactive, Instructor-Led Sessions
  • 40 Hours of Self-Study Which Includes ACRP’s Interactive eLearning Courses
  • Demonstrations to Bring Learning to Life in “The Day in the Life of a Patient” and “The Day in the Life of a Clinical Trial Protocol”
  • ACRP’s Entry Level Knowledge Assessment™

What to Expect

Upon completion of ACRP’s Early Talent Training™ Program, employees will be ACRP Research Ready™ and able to:

  • Reference and Understand the Usage of Appropriate Regulations and Guidelines Utilized in Clinical Trials
  • Utilize Common Clinical Research Terminology as a Foundation of Knowledge
  • Relate common ICH Guidelines to Your Organization’s Policies and Procedures
  • Demonstrate Core Clinical Research Competencies as Defined by ACRP’s Entry Level Knowledge Assessment™

Sample Coursework

  • The Big Picture of Clinical Research: Core Competencies and the Professional Development of the Clinical Research Professional
  • Anatomy of a Clinical Trial Protocol
  • Good Clinical Practice
  • Ethics and Human Subject Protection
  • The Informed Consent Form and Informed Consent Process
  • A Day in the Life of a Clinical Trial Protocol; Cycle of the Idea, Protocol Design to Implementation
  • A Day in the Life of a Patient (ICF, IP, Visits, Safety Reporting, etc.)