The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

ACRP Clinical Research Knowledge Assessment™ (CRKA)

Whether you’re an emerging professional looking to demonstrate your foundational knowledge to prospective employers or an organizational leader looking for an efficient, effective way to vet new hires, ACRP’s Clinical Research Knowledge Assessment™ (CRKA) is for you.

CRKA™ is a 50-question online assessment testing the foundational knowledge competencies of clinical research professionals (based on the Core Competency Framework of the Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency). The assessment is available on demand globally.

Upon successful completion:

  • Emerging professionals receive ACRP’s endorsement (certificate) of their foundational competencies required for entry-level roles in clinical research.
  • Organizations get peace of mind that candidates have the foundational knowledge to do basic work in clinical research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q — How does CRKA™ compare to ACRP Certification?

A — CRKA™ and certification are unrelated at this point. The CRKA™ is a foundational knowledge assessment only – it is NOT a certification. A certificate is provided for those who receive a pass rate of 80% of greater across all the questions, stating that the individual has successfully completed and passed the exam. ACRP’s certification programs are designed for experienced professionals; those who have a minimum of two years of practical work experience and can apply the knowledge based on their actual experience working in the field.

Q — Does an CRKA™ certificate help a person qualify to apply for ACRP Certification at any point?

A — No. CRKA and certification are unrelated.

Q — Is the CRKA™ accredited?

A — No. This CRKA™ is not accredited at this stage. In the future we may move to a 2-stage certification process where an entry level knowledge assessment would be stage one but there are no immediate plans for that currently.

Q — How many times can I take this?

A — The exam is structured such that you must answer each question correctly before proceeding to the next question.  The number of attempts that it takes you to get to the correct answer is tracked in the system.  If you get 80% or more of the questions correct across two attempts then you will be granted a certificate.  While the system does not limit you to attempting the test multiple times you will only be granted the certificate if you answer 80% or greater of the certificates within the first two attempts.

Q — What is the passing score that is required to achieve the certificate?

A — Applicants will receive a certificate acknowledging that they have completed and passed the CRKA if they achieve an 80% pass rate across two attempts for all questions contained within the CRKA™.

Q — How is this different from ACRP’s ICH GCP Gap Analysis course?

A — The ICH GCP Gap Analysis focuses strictly on Good Clinical Practices whereas the CRKA™ focus on the foundational knowledge across 6 of the 8 core competency domains defined by the Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency (JTF). The ICH GAP Analysis serves as a good preparation course for those interested in taking one of ACRP’s certification exams whereas the CRKA™ is focused on verifying foundational knowledge for individuals without clinical research experience.