ACRPtv—Spotlight On… Engaging Minority Physicians in Clinical Trials

Featuring Rod Walker, Senior Director, Head of Patient and Site Solutions, ORA, Inc. Experts agree it’s long since time to expand the clinical trial workforce and patient population to better represent the full American population. However, the clinical trial industry has struggled and stumbled in many efforts to widen the tent. In this October 21, […]

Suheila Abdul-Karrim, Interest Group, Leader

ACRPtv—Spotlight On… ACRP Fellowship

Featuring Suheila Abdul-Karrim, Clinical Research Consultant, Auditor & Trainer, ACRP Fellow ACRP Fellowship is a mark of distinction and leadership. In our October 20, 2020 conversation, learn why ACRP Fellow Suheila Adbul-Karrim is such a fervent believer in the value and the power of the program to advance clinical trial quality and elevate the workforce. […]

ACRPtv―Spotlight On… Regulatory Review & the 2021 Crystal Ball

Featuring Patrick Cooney, President, The Federal Group Despite extreme bipartisanship and a national political situation in massive flux, clinical trial regulatory issues have received some Important attention on Capitol Hill in 2019. But can struggling clinical trial sites expect any financial support from federal regulators? Join our Oct. 9, 2020 discussion with Patrick Cooney as […]

ACRPtv―Spotlight On… Advancing Diversity in the Clinical Workforce

Featuring Danielle Coe, Founder, Black Women in Clinical Research It’s becoming increasingly clear that the lack of diversity in the clinical trial workforce is one of the root causes of the lack of diversity in the patient population. Working to get to the core of both problems, Danielle Coe founded Black Women in Clinical Research […]

ACRPtv—Spotlight On…Leveraging Patient Groups to Improve Clinical Trials

Featuring Allison Holland, Head of Decentralized Clinical Trials at Medable, and Jena Daniels, Director of Research at Medable and Head of the Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) The term “patient-centricity” gets bandied about quite a bit these days, but what does it really mean? “It’s about giving patients choices in how they participate in a clinical […]