ACRPtv—Spotlight On… How Decentralized Trials Can Elevate Sites

In this July 12, 2021 interview, Sans Thakur, Chief Growth Officer, Medable, clears up some of the confusion surrounding the term “decentralized clinical trials,” explains why physical sites remain a critical component in the trial infrastructure, and how savvy sites can leverage new tools and technology to improve efficiency.

ACRPtv—Spotlight On… How Sites Can Identify New Trials

In this July 12, 2021 interview, Jordan Story, Business Development Manager, Wake Research, discusses how forging strong professional relationships can help alert sites to identifying and winning new trials best matched to their strengths as an operation.

ACRPtv—Spotlight On… Merck’s Diversity Program

In this July 1, 2021 interview, Merck leaders discuss how the company’s approach to promoting patient diversity includes confronting root cause challenges in trial design and elsewhere that have been obstacles to attaining wider diversity in the patient population.