ACRPtv — Spotlight On…Leverage Remote Training in Multi-Site Trials

Featuring Samantha Sharpe, CCRP, Project Manager, Center for Clinical and Translational Science Covid-19 has put a new spotlight on the possibilities of remote learning and how we conduct clinical research in a crisis. How do we best protect patients – and clinical trial practitioners – with training, protocol amendments, and better use of technology? “I’m […]

ACRPtv – Spotlight On…Clinical Trial Budgeting During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Featuring Al Peters, Co-CEO ClinX It’s never been easy to budget a clinical trial, but the Covid-19 pandemic has upended the landscape and made a tough challenge even more difficult. Join us as we get insights from noted expert Al Peters on how savvy sites can adjust their strategies to improve recruitment, workflow process issues, […]

ACRPtv — Spotlight On… Clinical Trials Day

Featuring Craig Lipset, Managing Partner, Clinical Innovation Partners While he’s excited about Clinical Trials Day 2020, thought leader Craig Lipset is already looking forward to Clinical Trials Day 2021. “I have some degree of optimism” about rebounding from the economic hit Covid-19 has had on clinical trial operations, “he says in our May 18, 2020 […]

Jim Kremidas, Executive Director, ACRP

ACRPtv — Spotlight On…Clinical Trials Day

Featuring Jim Kremidas, Executive Director, Association of Clinical Research Professionals Join us as we celebrate the importance and resilience of the clinical trial workforce on Clinical Trials Day, May 20 as it helps battle a global pandemic. “We’re so proud to represent them,” says Kremidas. “A positive that will come out of this situation is […]

Sarah Afework, MD, IACT Health

ACRPtv — Spotlight On… Patient Engagement During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Featuring Sarah Afework, MD, IACT Health “Even though things feel like they’re coming to halt, don’t react that way,” Afework tells us in our May 1, 2020 interview. “Keep operating as if it’s all going to open back up tomorrow. Patients are more willing to hear about clinical trials,” she says. “Take advantage of this […]