ACRPtv―Spotlight On… Educating Young People About Clinical Trials

Featuring Bridget Chapital, Director, Hypothesis Haven Science Club In this January 18, 2020 discussion, Chapital tells us about her organization that uses clinical research as a platform to teach young children the scientific-thinking and creative problem-solving skills necessary for becoming leaders of the future. Learn more about their online and onsite workshops, camps and after […]

ACRPtv—Spotlight On… Are Decentralized Trials Here to Stay?

Featuring Melissa Easy, VP, R&D Technologies, IQVIA The short answer is yes, according to Easy in this December 29, 2020 conversation. However, obstacles remain. Starting at the very beginning, she notes. “Every time we talk to a customer about a decentralized trial, the first thing we have to do is define it,” Easy says. “Every […]