ACRPtv — Spotlight On… Promoting Diversity in Clinical Trials

Featuring Reggie Hooks, Associate Director, Clinical Operations, Oncolytics Biotech Inc. Taking a closer look at the CRA workforce, Hooks discusses the need for greater minority representation in the clinical trial workforce and patient population. He outlines in our August 27, 2020 conversation some of the historical reason’s minority groups are wary of clinical trials, and […]

ACRPtv — Spotlight On…Promoting Diversity in Covid-19 Trials

Featuring Dr. Christina Brennan, VP, Clinical Research, Northwell Health “We were the epicenter of the [COVID-19] epicenter,” Dr. Brennan recalls in our August 10, 2020 discussion. She shares lessons learned managing massive clinical trials designed to help battle the pandemic over the past several months. Dr. Brennan also talks about the importance of improving diversity […]

Glenda Guest, CCRA, RQAP-GCP, TIACR, vice president of Norwich Clinical Research Associates Ltd.

ACRPtv – Spotlight On… Getting Your Quality Management System Right

Featuring Glenda Guest, VP, Norwich Clinical Research Associates “Risk management and quality system management have become so critical in this era of Covid,” ACRP Fellow Glenda Guest tells us in this July 30, 2020 discussion. “We are altering everything we do [and modifying] our normal processes, and we are much more aware of our own […]

ACRPtv – Spotlight On… Patient Recruitment Trends

Featuring Jennifer Byrne, CEO, Javara In a wide-ranging July 28, 2020 discussion, thought leader Byrne shines a spotlight on some of the latest patient recruitment do’s and don’ts, explains why offering clinical trials as a care option is a growing trend in the industry, and shares details on the latest activities of Greater Gift, the […]

ACRPtv – Spotlight On… FDA COVID-19 Guidances

Featuring Dr. Mark Levenson, director of the Division of Biometrics VII in the Office of Biostatistics at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration “Our biggest concern is always the safety of trial participant,” the FDA’s Dr. Levenson tells us in a July 24, 2020 discussion of the agency’s new guidance covering Statistical Considerations for Clinical […]