Tight Trial Market Demands Clinical Trial Sites Employ New Business Tactics

With a tightening clinical trial marketplace and an increasingly stagnant per-patient value, study sites are under ever-greater pressure to find new ways to reach new subjects and satisfy some wary sponsors, says Christian Burns, a specialist in clinical site business development and patient recruitment with ClinEdge. The key is flexibility and recognizing new market segments. […]

New Report Shows Clinical Trial Sites Value Communication, Protocols, Monitors as Most Critical to Relationships with CRO, Sponsor Partners

Clinical research site staff report communication, protocols, and monitors as the three most critical aspects of successful relationships with their CRO and sponsor research partners, according to new data from a collaborative research study by ACRP and CRO Analytics. In a survey of nearly 300 clinical research sites, the majority of respondents listed these three […]

ACRP Calls for Focus on Competence as Solution to Shortage of Monitors in Clinical Research Workforce

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) continues calling for a groundbreaking shift in the clinical research industry: elimination of the commonly accepted and practiced two-year experience requirement for entry-level Monitors/Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) in favor of competence-based employment practices.

An article in today’s CWWeekly (“The ongoing CRA shortage: Competency versus experience”) notes […]

Onboarding Done Right Cuts Turnover by Half, Boosts Productivity

More than one-third of employees make their decision to stay or go within the first month of employment, studies show. Given today’s scramble for talent, now is the time to leverage any tool that can help retain top performers, says Liz Wool, RN, BSN, CMT, CCRA, Global Head of Training, Barnett International. Studies have also […]