Elisa Cascade

A Q&A with Elisa Cascade: Chair, 2024 ACRP Board of Trustees

As Elisa Cascade, MBA, Chief Product Officer for Advarra, begins her volunteer duties as the 2024 Chair of the Association Board of Trustees (ABoT) for ACRP, she took time to answer some questions about her experience in the clinical research enterprise, some of the challenges facing it, and how ACRP can help to address them.

Join HCCA for the 28th Annual Compliance Institute

Health Care Compliance Association®(HCCA®) invites you to join us for our 28th Annual Compliance Institute, April 14–17 2024, where you can connect with other healthcare professionals and get the latest information and updates on healthcare compliance priorities and best practices.

Enhancement, Efficiency, Equity, and Engagement: Four Trends Shaping Clinical Trials in 2024

Eighty-five percent of trials fail to recruit enough patients, while 80% are delayed due to other factors like participant dropouts. These high rates are influenced by financial, emotional, and logistical barriers to participation, such as geographic location and travel-related costs, which prevent patients from enrolling in trials and accessing life-changing medicine. As 2024 gets under way, clinical trial stakeholders are witnessing transformative trends aimed at addressing these pain points.

Let “Clinical Research 101” be Your Field Guide to Adventures in the Profession

When the ACRP 2024 pre-conference events get under way in Anaheim, Calif., in May, retiree John P. Rowell, Jr., MSN, will take a break from his home gardening and competitive sport shooting to once again present a day-long Friday workshop aimed at helping new clinical researchers face the many workforce-related challenges being thrown at them, as he has for nearly 25 years, this time teamed up with several colleagues.

Increase Efficiency in the Contract Negotiation Process During Study Start-up

The time required to finalize contracts and budgets is among the most pressing challenges in clinical trials. Sponsors, CROs, and sites all identify this as a significant hurdle, one that leads to costly delays and mounting frustrations. It does not have to be that way. Deploying these five strategies can make the contract negotiation process more pleasant and efficient for all stakeholders.