Are You Ready for Tomorrow’s Clinical Research Workforce?

The future belongs to the adaptable, leaders from across the clinical trial spectrum told attendees of ACRP 2019 in Nashville today (April 13). “Technology is coming, and we all need to embrace it,” said Virginia Nido, global head, product development, industry collaborations at Genentech. For example, a new generation of wearables is also creating “new […]

Kristin Smedley, Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation

Patient Advocate Applauds Clinical Trial Professionals

“Folks like you are the lighthouse, you are the hope,” an emotional Kristen Smedley, health advocate, author, and mom told ACRP 2019 conference attendees April 13 in Nashville. “I’m so grateful to be sitting in this room with you,” she said as she shared a harrowing, but inspiring story of lives changed irrevocably by blindness. […]

Delivering Ideal Project Management in a Less-Than-Ideal World

In an ideal world, clinical trial teams would have all the proper resources of time, personnel, and funds necessary for delivering a successful project on time and in scope, every time. Guess what? We don’t live in an ideal world. That’s where project management specialists like Eric Morfin, founder and managing partner of Critical Skills, […]

Streamlining Studies is Goal of Shared Investigator Platform

As clinical trials continue to grow in complexity, take longer to initiate, and suffer from patient under-enrollment, more and more clinical research stakeholders are honing in on the advantages offered by the Shared Investigator Platform (SIP), which aims to increase trial efficiencies for sponsors and sites. Educating attendees of ACRP 2019 in Nashville about the […]

Human Factor Key to Successful Technology Adoption

It doesn’t matter how great the new technology is if you fail to define your mission first and find meaningful ways to engage the people who’ll actually be using the new tools – take it from lessons learned firsthand and shared at ACRP 2019 today (April 12). “You’ll save a lot of time up front,” […]