Clinical Trial Industry Must Confront Principal Investigator Challenges

It’s time for stakeholders in the clinical trial industry to band together and do a better job of identifying new principal investigators (PIs) to take pressure off existing PIs and further advance clinical trial quality and efficacy, says Christina Brennan, MD, MBA, CCRC, vice president of clinical research at Northwell Health. “Too often, we [keep […]

Effective Leaders Fueled by Empathy

Effective leaders draw on many sources for inspiration. At the top of that list, say many successful clinical trial executives, is empathy. A leader’s passion to inspire and bring out the best in their team can be fueled by sharing stories of professional setbacks and successes. “As leaders, it’s our responsibility to learn other people’s […]

RACE for Children Act Opens New Avenues for Pediatric Oncology Drug Development

With the long-anticipated ignition of the Research to Accelerate Cures and Equity (RACE) for Children Act on Tuesday (August 18) this week, stakeholders in the development of oncology drugs—ranging from patients and their families to clinical research sponsors and practitioners—have new hopes for advancements in more effective therapies for pediatric cancers. According to Lynne Georgopoulos, […]

Intangibles Provide Valuable Clues in Search for Interns

Most of the potential interns you sit down to interview won’t have much, if any, in the way of research experience. They may not even have much work experience of any kind. So, how do you size up a potential “keeper”? Bridget Browder, MS, CCRC, manager of learning and development at MedTrials, encourages interviewers to […]

Diversity Will Broaden Clinical Trial Workforce

Welcoming more people of color into the clinical trial workforce will have a number of benefits, says Laurie Halloran, BSN, MS, CCRA, president and CEO of Halloran Consulting Group, not the least of which will be to “bring a legitimacy to clinical research it doesn’t currently have [when] the patient population we’re studying needs to […]