A Clinical Researcher’s Biomedical Informatics Journey

PAID MESSAGE As a senior clinical research data manager at the University of Chicago Medical Center, Melissa McHugh reviews and enters patient data for clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies as part of the genitourinary oncology program. With much of her work centered around data, she began seeing the value several years ago of returning to school to […]

Ginnette Watkins-Keller, RN, MSN, OC, Education Specialist, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Rutgers Cancer Institute Leverages CRC Onboarding to Boost Trial Quality

“Common sense is not so common,” French author and wit Voltaire once wrote. Despite the relative sparsity of such programs in the clinical research enterprise, he certainly wouldn’t be surprised to learn that new employees perform better when there’s a solid onboarding program in place to guide them from day one on the job. “We’ve […]

hyperCORE Team Competes in ACRP All-Star Challenge for Sites in Nashville

Clinical Team Brings Superpowers to All-Star Challenge

Marvel Comics superheroes the Fantastic Four face off against villains with names like Annihilus, Doctor Doom, the Mole Man, and Galactus to save the day with ingenuity and commitment. A different kind of fantastic four made their debut at the ACRP 2019 annual conference in Nashville in April, representing hyperCORE and winning the ACRP All-Star […]

Liz Devine Hewson and Mark Lund of Twin Lights Coaching and Consulting

Aspiring Leaders Should Embrace Uncertainty

While many clinical trial professionals struggle with the lack of clear career paths in the industry, there are tools, tactics, and best practices to help spot and leverage new opportunities. In this occasional series, we’ll hear from leading experts both in and outside the clinical trial industry as they offer insights on how to thrive […]

Gualberto C. Perez, MD, CPI, CEO, Founder, and President of GCP Research

Industry Must Join Together to Confront Damaging PI ‘One and Done’ Turmoil

The loud whooshing sound of the principal investigator (PI) revolving door isn’t likely to subside anytime soon unless all sides come together to find solutions and common ground, says Gualberto C. Perez, MD, CPI, the CEO, founder, and president of GCP Research. The so-called “one and done” PI phenomenon—in which a new PI conducts one […]