Kim Kundert, Vice President of Operations, VirTrial

Patients Appear More Ready for Virtual Trials Than Industry

By taking an “all or nothing” approach, many clinical trial practitioners are failing to leverage the benefits of so-called virtual trials, says Kim Kundert, vice president of operations at VirTrial. Part of the problem is a lack of understanding. The term virtual trial “means something different to everybody,” she notes. For Kundert, it makes sense […]

Jose Gonzales, PAREXEL

Site Management and Large Institutions

PAID MESSAGE As medicine evolves, we see the trend of companies merging and evolving and working with larger institutions becoming more the norm in clinical research, especially in certain therapeutic areas or indications where enrollment may pose a challenge. But there can be significant differences in working with smaller versus larger institutions, and the earlier […]

Jeff Kingsley headshot

Sites Need Incentives to Embrace New Technologies

“We aren’t conducting clinical research with the rigor that we should be today,” says thought leader Jeff Kingsley, DO, MBA, CPI, FACRP, CEO of the site network IACT Health. “We’re slow to change and slow to build needed infrastructure, especially at the site level.” This aversion to change or being stuck in a mode where […]

Nicholas Focil, Chief Executive Officer, FOMAT Medical Research

Elusive Definitions Stymie Progress on Clinical Trial Quality

A former Supreme Court Justice, struggling to define the term pornography in a landmark case, famously hedged his bets by saying he knew it when he saw it. Many research professionals feel a similar challenge when defining the term quality—especially when examining it in terms of the various stages of a clinical trial. “I'm a […]

Health Quest Systems Deploying IBM Watson for Clinical Trial Matching

Hospital System Taps AI to Boost Enrollment Rates

Health Quest Systems Inc. (HQS), a four-hospital health system operating in New York’s Hudson Valley and northwest Connecticut, is betting big on artificial intelligence (AI) as a way to boost stubbornly low enrollment rates in some clinical trials. HQS announced today (March 21) it will deploy IBM Watson for Clinical Trial Matching, a cognitive computing […]