White House

Clinical Research Industry Braces for Trump Impact

Pundits around the country and the world are scrambling to predict what to expect from a Donald Trump presidency. Critics have accused Trump of being light on details on many issues during the campaign, and that’s certainly the case with clinical trials, say some of the people we talked with shortly after the election. First, […]

John Neal, CEO of PCRS Network

Prediction: Mobile Devices to become Standard Means of Collecting Many Study Data Points

In the eight installment of this series of predictions, I addressed the impact of “remote visits” and predicted that as those increase the number of traditional onsite visits at clinical research sites will decrease. Technology is already facilitating remote visits, but there is much more to come as mobile data collection proliferates. "We are going […]

Douglas Bryant III, Cate, Bryant & Houser Group, Assistant Vice President

My Personal Quest to Promote Diversity in Clinical Trials

Three years ago, I was nominated by Dr. Jeff Kingsley to become the first (and so far only) public member of the ACRP Board of Trustees, on the basis of my background in legal, investment, and financial matters. At the time, I looked forward to sharing my financial acumen and helping ACRP plot a successful […]

Wade Strzinek

Does Your Site Have a Strong Online Presence?

If your study site isn’t easy to find in an online search and doesn’t convey a sense of trust and confidence, you’re far less likely to have potential subjects reach out to learn about your trials, says Wade Strzinek, president of Protenium Clinical Research, LLC. “We need to do a better job of being online; […]

David Burrow

FDA Works to Remove Fear Factor from Inspections

The prospect of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspection—much like a looming audit from the Internal Revenue Service—is extremely stressful for research site personnel. The good news? The FDA knows this and is making new efforts to reach out to industry to explain the positive side of inspections, says the agency’s David C. […]