Erika Stevens

Facilitating Networking Through Technology

Clinical Researcher—January 2021 (Volume 35, Issue 1) CHAIR’S MESSAGE Erika Stevens, MA   Does technology facilitate networking? While more video conferencing platforms flood the market to enable interactive meeting collaboration, omitted is the camaraderie gained through non-digital interaction. Technology-enabled business meetings may close the distance gap and reduce travel inefficiencies, but few address the social […]

Increasing the Impact of Innovative Adherence Research with Digital Medication Adherence Monitoring

Clinical Researcher—January 2021 (Volume 35, Issue 1) PRESCRIPTIONS FOR BUSINESS Bernard Vrijens, PhD   Clinical researchers based in academic medical centers, private practice study sites, NGOs, or foundations know how crucial it is to monitor and manage patient medication adherence in a clinical study or research setting. According to the World Health Organization, up to […]

Risk Allocation for Clinical Trials: What You Need and Why

Clinical Researcher—January 2021 (Volume 35, Issue 1) THE LEGAL LANDSCAPE Robert King   There are dozens of issues that can slow clinical trial negotiations. Among the worst offenders are “risk allocation” clauses. These clauses define who is financially responsible when something goes wrong. In Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs), the main risk allocation clauses are the […]

Using Natural Language Processing to Improve Clinical Trial Design and Patient Safety Performance

Clinical Researcher—January 2021 (Volume 35, Issue 1) TRIALS & TECHNOLOGY Jane Z. Reed   The drug development process is lengthy, complex, and expensive, which is why it’s important for pharmaceutical companies to explore innovative technologies that can address bottlenecks and provide efficiencies. Clinical trials are one of the most expensive stages of drug development, and […]