New Tricks of the Trade for Trials

Clinical Researcher—January 2021 (Volume 35, Issue 1) OVER THE TRANSOM Gary W. Cramer   Nothing stays still for very long in the world of technology and best practices for clinical trials, and the companies rolling out their new goods and services aren’t shy about broadcasting what’s brand new, what’s been retooled, and what’s on the […]

Biobanking and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Clinical Researcher—December 2020 (Volume 34, Issue 10) PEER REVIEWED Dr. Dina Avery   No one was prepared for the significant impact COVID-19 is having on global healthcare and biobanking operations. Once COVID-19 arrived across the world, few hospitals and biobanks were fully ready for the influx of infected patients and high death rates associated with […]

Five Ways Clinical Trials Will be Transformed in 2021

Clinical Researcher—December 2020 (Volume 34, Issue 10) TRIALS & TECHNOLOGY Alison Holland; Jena Daniels; Rasmus Hogreffe; Ingrid Oakley-Girvan, PhD, MPH; Dr. Michelle Longmire   If 2019 was the year of personalized medicine, 2020 was the year of decentralized trials. Ready or not, the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new era of clinical research—the advantages of […]

Why the Future of Diagnostics Requires a New Approach to Trials

Clinical Researcher—December 2020 (Volume 34, Issue 10) GOOD MANAGEMENT PRACTICE David Messina, PhD   Scientific and medical research is an investment in our future. We’re all keen to live long, healthy lives and most of us are willing to empower physicians to make educated decisions about our care if and when we do become ill. […]