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One and Done: How Bad Is the PI Turnover Problem

It’s ruefully referred to throughout the clinical trial industry as the “one and done” phenomenon, and it’s a problem that has plagued us for years. The term refers to physicians and other medical professionals who jump into a trial to assume the duties of principal investigators (PIs). Unfortunately, many are completely or relatively inexperienced in […]

ACRP Developing Competence Standards for PIs

ACRP Developing Competence Standards for PIs

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) is developing competence standards for principal investigators (PIs) as part of its goal to reduce variability in performance across various clinical research roles. "By developing and helping to implement this new PI initiative, ACRP and its partners are taking a major step forward to advance excellence in clinical […]

Jim Kremidas, ACRP Executive Director

The Quest for Quality in Clinical Trials

GIGO - or 'garbage in/garbage out' - was coined as a computer science term for the flawed output that comes from inputting flawed data. Over the years, the GIGO principle has been broadly applied to other areas of analysis where flawed logic impacts outcomes. Perhaps nowhere is that more evident than in a poorly designed […]


The Continual Challenge of Technology for Sites

There is a very real onslaught of technologies overwhelming investigative sites, which raises concerns as to whether site staffers have the expertise and comfort to work with all or even some of these tools. To understand what’s involved in becoming proficient in the expanding cadre of tools, and how they impact quality and conduct of […]