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CRC Perspective: Failing to Embrace Our Potential

Scan. E-mail. Re-scan. Set weekly reminders. Scan. E-mail. Answer questions. Resend e-mail. Defend self, stating that the documents have already been scanned and e-mailed. Re-resend e-mail anyway. I had occasion for the past few months to return to where I started in research—being a clinical research coordinator (CRC). It is the job that holds the […]

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Guest Editor’s Message: In Search of Perspectives from Sites on the Front Lines

The primary theme of our August Clinical Researcher issue is the study site; truly the central axis on the front lines of the clinical research enterprise. Virtually all other organizations are connected to, or dependent on, sites: sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), institutional review boards, electronic data capture (EDC) vendors, etc. Not surprisingly, nearly two-thirds […]

On the Job: Tackling Waste in Clinical Research

Receiving a shipment of such kits from a central lab is a routine occurrence for sites like ours that run research trials. Many are the study coordinators who have worked with the big-name labs—the ones whose kits come in bags or boxes, stuffed full of tubes, needles, vacutainer connections, and various bags and labels for […]