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Guest Editor’s Message: In Search of Perspectives from Sites on the Front Lines

The primary theme of our August Clinical Researcher issue is the study site; truly the central axis on the front lines of the clinical research enterprise. Virtually all other organizations are connected to, or dependent on, sites: sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), institutional review boards, electronic data capture (EDC) vendors, etc. Not surprisingly, nearly two-thirds […]

On the Job: Tackling Waste in Clinical Research

Receiving a shipment of such kits from a central lab is a routine occurrence for sites like ours that run research trials. Many are the study coordinators who have worked with the big-name labs—the ones whose kits come in bags or boxes, stuffed full of tubes, needles, vacutainer connections, and various bags and labels for […]

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The Real Reason Sites Need eSource

Most discussion about electronic source (eSource) documentation in the clinical research enterprise starts from a sponsor standpoint, with eSource being viewed as an extension—almost a mobile version—of electronic data capture (EDC). In this view, sponsors provide sites with eSource systems that the sites use to collect data, which are then transmitted to the EDC system. […]

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How Much Do I Ask For? Budget Negotiation for Private Practices

Successfully getting through the process of budget negotiation can be a daunting task. The contract research organization (CRO) wants to meet the sponsor’s expectations. The sponsor is trying to keep costs down. The principal investigators (PIs) want to be reimbursed for their time. Essentially, it’s negotiating your site’s salary for the time frame of the […]