Embedding Clinical Research into the Continuum of Care

Clinical Researcher—June 2018 (Volume 32, Issue 6) PEER REVIEWED Jennifer J. Byrne; Jane M. Shen, PharmD; Amanda W. Wright [DOI: 10.14524/CR-18-0004]     Clinical research is the frontline of medical innovation. Through research projects, scientists and physicians make medical breakthroughs that directly impact the lives of patients and their families. However, what many patients and […]

Sparking Patient Recruitment with Better Explanation of Trial Benefits

Potential clinical trial subjects will be far more likely to participate if they are convinced doing so will benefit their overall health, says Jennifer Byrne, CEO of PMG Research. However, there must be action behind the words explaining trial-related concepts, she stresses. “Broadening the total value proposition of clinical research” needs to go beyond […]

Ken Getz

Tufts Analysis: Patient Recruitment Shortcomings Laid at Feet of Poor Provider, Researcher Engagement

Sponsors, contract research organizations, and investigative site personnel aren’t adequately engaging nurses and physicians as partners in the quest to encourage patients to participate in clinical trials, says a new analysis from the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD). Healthcare providers might be justified in feeling some vindication, says Ken Getz, associate […]