Understanding the Role of DMCs and EACs in Research Oversight

Take a deep dive into the roles and functions of Data Monitoring Committees/Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DMCs/DSMBs) and Endpoint Adjudication Committees/Clinical Events Committees (EACs/CECs) in the lifecycle of clinical trials. These committees are increasingly tasked with providing independent, expert evaluations of clinical trial events and unbiased adjudications to determine if the definitions of certain clinical trial events have been met.

Everything You Need to Know About Holding an IND

This webinar provides a review of the purpose of and expectations set for holding an Investigational New Drug (IND) application through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, explores common IND-related errors and how to avoid them, and outlines related requirements found in 21 CFR 312 of the Code of Federal Regulations for IND maintenance.

Streamline Your Clinical Research Organization’s Processes with End-to-End Promotions

Presenting a discussion on how consolidating the processes involved in the phases of drug discovery, pre-clinical research, clinical trials, and post-approval expectations on a single platform drives efficiencies, margin improvements, and real-time collaborations internally and externally. The result is better top- and bottom-line financial performance and consistency in process outcomes during trial execution.

Eliminating Barriers to Careers in Clinical Research

A perfect storm of negative trends is putting immense pressure on entry-level hiring, retention, and overall satisfaction and growth in the clinical research workforce. This webinar focuses on recognizing and overcoming the challenges that are unnecessary barriers to greater participation in the workforce by promising talent from a range of backgrounds and experiences.