The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

ACRP is creating connection through community. Check out the ACRP calendar below to see what’s happening online and near you, including upcoming webinars, conferences, local chapter events, and certification deadlines.

NY Metro Chapter: September Book Club

Join the NY Metro Chapter for a virtual event discussing the book "From Oversight to Overkill: Inside the Broken System That Blocks Medical Breakthroughs—And How We Can Fix It" by Simon N. Whitney. 

Who’s in Charge When AI is Let Loose on Clinical Research?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been touted as holding the solutions to a variety of vexing challenges in healthcare, but is it possible that there’s a downside to integrating what some might call an ungovernable technology into the clinical research arena? This live webinar ponders the issue of who’s making sure this power is being used to benefit everyone fairly.

Facilitating Understanding in Informed Consent

Have you read the new draft Guidance from FDA for Sponsors, Investigators and IRBs on Key Information and Facilitating Informed Consent? Join this live webinar as our speaker discusses this guidance.