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Helping Clinical Research Sites Budget for Decentralized Trial Elements: Ensuring Accurate and Adequate Compensation for Sites Implementing DCTs

This new white paper, published in December 2023, examines recent work by ACRP and its members to build awareness of the need for a new budget model for sites and to leverage the adoption of decentralized clinical trial (DCT) elements to improve how sites are supported in their critical contribution to drug development.

Paper authors describe how sites can be empowered to ask questions to clarify budgets, improve communication around budget negotiations, and be fairly compensated for implementing DCT elements in the studies and trials they lead.

“DCTs have exposed that today’s site budgets need a significant overhaul,” says co-author Catherine Gregor, Chief Clinical Trial Officer, Florence Healthcare. “It’s a real pain point for sites which serve as the implementation engine for clinical research. In the interim, sponsors, contract research organizations, and sites must work together to adapt existing budget models to ensure that sites are compensated for the breadth of work associated with managing DCT elements.”

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