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Clinical Researcher is the clinical trial community’s flagship peer-reviewed journal. Featuring expert voices and industry thought leaders, each issue delves deep into the hottest topics and emerging trends in clinical research.


October 2023
Your Tickets for Trial Success
This issue delivers “Your Tickets for Trial Success” in the form of two peer-reviewed articles and eight timely columns challenging you to make a difference through clinical research adventures in the arenas of career mapping, artificial intelligence, sponsor-site relations, rare disease studies, business acquisitions, standard operating procedures, and more.

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August 2023
Everything Must Change
In this issue, contributors from the arenas of academia, consultancy, technology services, patient advocacy, institutional review boards, and more weigh in on topics that point to not only the need for, but the inevitability of, ongoing change in the clinical research enterprise—not just change for the sake of change, but change for the better.

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June 2023
Not Just Numbers: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Real People
In this issue, contributors from across the spectrum of the clinical research enterprise weigh in on the importance of not losing track of how real people fit into where the enterprise is headed with its current deep dive into big data, artificial intelligence, and all the complexities of machine learning, natural language processing, and related advances in research management.

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April 2023
Getting Down to Business in Clinical Research
In this issue, we offer up a variety of perspectives on ways to improve, broaden, and deepen the business aspects of the clinical research enterprise for the benefit of all its stakeholders. Included are welcome contributions from Ireland and the European Union on some big-picture topics, and focused columns that bring us valuable glimpses into such specialized areas as patient recruitment and retention, data management, digital therapeutics, decentralized trials, dose optimization, and more.

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Issue Archive

February 2023
Revolutions Within Our Reach
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December 2022
Navigating the Data Stream: Practical and Digital Tactics for Researchers in Search of Direction
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October 2022
What’s Keeping You Up at Night?
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August 2022
We’re All in This Boat Together
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June 2022
Mapping the Way to Modern Trial Design, Management, and Analysis
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April 2022
Gears in Motion
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February 2022
The Power of New Perspectives On the Clinical Research Workforce
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December 2021
Parts of a Whole: Evaluating and Elevating Your Role in the Clinical Research Enterprise
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November 2021
Fine-Tuning Your Organization’s Research Dynamics
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September 2021
Soft Skills and Hard Choices on the Clinical Research Radar
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August 2021
Overlooked No More
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July 2021
Opening New Doors on a Protean Process
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May 2021
Careers and Challenges Behind the Clinical Trials Technology Curtain
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April 2021
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Clinical Research? We Can Do It!
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March 2021
Does the World Recognize the Clinical Research Professional in Your Mirror?
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January 2021
Changed for the Better: A Brave New World for Researchers and Patients in 2021
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December 2020
Reviews and Previews: Upbeat Investigations of Recent and Upcoming Innovations in Clinical Research
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November 2020
Career Advice from Research Veterans
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September 2020
Good Study Streamlining Practices: Speeding (Safely) for the Finish Line
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August 2020
Rethinking Risk, Race, and Other Urgent Issues in Clinical Research
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June 2020
The More Things Change…
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May 2020
Lessons Learned for Research Access, Safety, and Human Subject Protections
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April 2020
Aiming for Accuracy in the World of Subject Recruitment—April 2020
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March 2020
Starting Off on the Right Foot
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February 2020
Research Studies and Studying Research: Designing a Better Tomorrow
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January 2020
Rising Expectations in Research: Are You Sinking or Swimming?
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December 2019
Rules and Regulations: Staying on the Straight and Narrow
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November 2019
Charting Early and Changing Career Courses
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September 2019
Breaking New Ground in Recruitment and Management for Trials
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August 2019
Connecting the Research Community
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June 2019
Insights and Imperatives
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May 2019
Mapping the Way to Site Success
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April 2019
The Nuts and Bolts of Clinical Trials
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March 2019
Finding Your Financial Footing in the Clinical Research Enterprise
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February 2019
Taking Aim at Adverse Events
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January 2019
The Future Has Arrived: Data and Technology Trends You’re Already Part Of
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