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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help?

Below you’ll find a list of questions we get asked most frequently — whether about membership, certification, or learning — we’ve got you covered.

ACRP Account Creation

Why do I need an ACRP account?

Anyone wishing to participate in our learning or certification programs, attend any in person or live events, must first have an ACRP account to purchase and/or register. Creating an account is free.

If I have a membership with ACRP, do I need to create another account?

No, during the ACRP membership join process an account is automatically created.

How do I create an ACRP account?

  1. Individual users creating a personal account should go to our website. Select ‘My Account’ highlighted in green.
  2. Click the ‘Create/Check Account’ blue button. Enter email and click Search.
  3. If the email is not found check the ‘I’m not a robot’ box and then click the ‘Send Validation Email’ button. After clicking the ‘Send Validation Email’ button, please check your email for a message from ACRP with a subject line of ‘ACRP Account Validation: Action Required.’ Open that email and then click ‘Finish Account Creation Process’.
    • If you are unable to find the email to validate your email address, please check your junk or SPAM folders. If you still can’t find it, please contact ACRP Support.

    • If the email is found, then an account already exists. Please log in with your username and password. If you don’t know your password, please click ‘Reset Password.’

  4. After clicking the ‘Finish Account Creation Process’ link in your email from ACRP, please click ‘Register Here’ when prompted on the ACRP website and complete your profile and create your password. When finished and your account is successfully created, you will land on ‘My Full Profile.


I want to be added to your mailing list. I want to edit my preferences regarding the mailing list.
Anyone who would like to receive our promotional mailing and emails must have an account. Members have an account once they join and can access their profile to edit their mailing preferences. Nonmembers can create a free account (this is not a membership) and can edit their preferences the same way.   

What are the benefits of membership? And the cost?
All membership details can be found on the membership page. 

Can I take advantage of ACRP’s programs and services if I am not a member?
Yes, we do have a nonmember rate for most offerings. Nonmembers can create a free account (this is not a membership) and can edit their preferences the same way. However, the lower member rate for these same products helps pay for your membership in the long run. 

I am a business; can I purchase memberships for my employees in bulk?
We offer Organizational Membership and many other programs and services for companies. See all the details on the employer resources page. 

What are local chapters of ACRP?
Full details can be found on the local chapters page

Are membership dues refundable?
Membership dues are non-refundable. Consideration will be given if the following qualifying conditions are met by the requesting individual: a) Individual Membership was purchased within 60 days of date of refund request; and b) Individual requesting a refund of previously paid membership dues is currently enrolled through an Organization Membership. Exceptions: If the individual requesting refund meets condition b and was enrolled in automatic payments at time of purchase.


Getting Certified 

I want to take the exam, but I don’t have the experience; what are my options? 
ACRP does not have a pathway to certification without work experience at this time. Check out ACRP’s Getting Started in Clinical Research page on the Careers section of the ACRP website for guidance, recommendations, and resources. 

I am a foreign medical graduate with experience working in clinical research outside of the U.S.; can I register?
Yes! Experience earned outside of the U.S. qualifies if it can be verified by ACRP; there is no degree requirement to sit for the exam.   

How are the exams scored? 
One point is issued per correct answer. Incorrect answers do not impact a candidate’s score. The candidate’s raw score is converted to a scaled score ranging from 200-800 with 600 being the pass point. Check out the Academy’s Annual Report for more information. 

Do you have any tips for candidates? 

  • Talk to someone who is certified. Check out ACRP’s LinkedIn page and the Member’s only Online Community to network with other ACRP certified professionals and get useful tips. 
  • Focus on the DCO and ICH guidelines. Understanding the content you’ll be tested on is pivotal to passing.  
  • Prepare at work. Hands-on training is the best way to prepare. Perform as many of the tasks listed in the DCO as you can before taking your exam. 
  • See how other candidates are performing. Review ACRP’s annual reports to see how candidates are doing on the exam each year. How can I participate in exam development with ACRP? 

Recertify/Certification Maintenance 

How do I start my Maintenance Renewal? 
We strongly encourage you to thoroughly review the Maintenance of Certification Handbook. This document includes full details about recertifying. Also, we have put together a four minute video on Maintaining Your Certification which explains step by step the process of submitting your (24) contact hours and renewal payment online. 

How do I report Contact Hours?
We’ve made this four minute video explaining the process.

How do I delete or edit an entry (activity) from my contact hours history? 
Contact ACRP Support with the name and date of the activity that needs to be edited or deleted from your contact hours history. 

I have submitted all 24 contact hours, but don’t see the Submit Maintenance Fee button to make my renewal payment online. 
Check the Maintenance Dashboard to see if you have all 24 Research or 12 Research and 12 Continuing Involvement or Healthcare. Go to My full Profile, Click on My CCRA, CCRC, CPI or ACRP-CP under My Account Links, Click on Activity Points Requirement and the next page you will see the Maintenance Dashboard.  

Do I need to submit documentation when I manually self-report my contact hours? 
No. You only self-report (enter) your contact hour activities. We only ask for documentation if you are randomly selected for an audit.   

I have manually self-reported an activity, but don’t know why it doesn’t appear in my contact hours history?
You must check your Certification Maintenance Start Date. If the activity is before the start date, the system will not auto approve it and will not be listed. You must enter your activities from the start date up until the expiration date for the system to approve all your activities (contact hours).  

How can I get free contact hours? 
ACRP’s Item Writers can claim three activity points toward their certification renewal for participating in the annual item writer training in January and can claim up to eight points for writing questions for ACRP’s exams.  


I don’t see my organization’s logo. This is for members whose ACRP account is supplied by their employer.
First, make sure you are in the LMS ACRP Learning Environment, as you won’t see your organization’s logo on the ACRP website, only in the LMS. You can login directly to the LMS here:, or through and click on the ‘My ACRP Learning Environment” button in the profile page. If you don’t see the logo at the top of your LMS dashboard – reach out to our Customer Care team via Contact Us,  so we can align you to your organization’s tenant. 

I completed a course but didn’t receive the certificate.
If you did not receive your certificate after completing a course, you’ll first want to ensure that you completed every part of the course. For example, an eLearning may have an assessment that is separate from the eLearning module, you will find the assessment in another tile titled ‘Take Assessment’. You will have to take the eLearning module, take the assessment, submit your feedback for the course, and then you will receive the certificate. Every course of ours requires feedback, without the feedback – you won’t receive a certificate. If you’re sure that you’ve done every part of the course and still don’t see a certificate – please reach out to our Customer Care team via Contact Us. 

I received a certificate but it has an old completion date.
If you see an old completion date on your certificate, this usually means that you’ve taken the course in the past – on that date. You can only take a course once for credit and a certificate of completion. You can take the course again for review and your transcript will show you completed but the system will not generate a new certificate. A listing of all completed courses and certificates you received are tracked in your ACRP Learning  Environment.