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Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Simulation

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The New Standard in GCP Training. Now Free with ACRP Membership!

This interactive simulation-powered training program helps ensure compliance with international standards for Good Clinical Practice in clinical trials (ICH E6).

What makes this program unique is its sharp focus on the application of GCP principles rather than the acquisition of knowledge. By immersing learners in a cutting-edge adaptive learning environment, ACRP’s GCP Simulation builds strength in the critical thinking and decision making needed to apply GCPs in the real world.

Playing the roles of study coordinator, investigator, sub-investigator, research nurse, and study monitor/CRA in a variety of simulated scenarios, course participants develop a 360-degree understanding of GCP principles while practicing application of associated competencies in a safe environment – before mistakes are made in real studies.

Ideal for New & Experienced Professionals

For experienced professionals, this program is an ideal solution for GCP training compliance. With a solid foundation in GCP knowledge and application, experienced professionals should be able to progress through scenarios quickly and efficiently – and get back to work.

For those new to the field, ACRP’s GCP Simulation offers a fun and engaging way to develop GCP competencies by practicing in a risk-free environment. When course correction is required, coaching is immediately provided – including reference to applicable GCP guidelines and contextualization of associated principles.

Organizational Licensing Bonus – By licensing this program, organizations gain access to a novel reporting system that provides the performance data needed to hone in on areas for course correction, and to proactively address competency gaps and mitigate risk.
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This course is recognized by Transcelerate BioPharma Inc. as evidence of Good Clinical Practice training.

Please note: This course is the only ACRP eLearning course with a completion certificate that includes an expiration date. This was a request from ACRP Members and only indicates that two years have passed since the completion of the course. Please verify with your organization and/or organizations/companies requesting verification of training for their specifications on how often they require GCP training. ACRP does not have a requirement for how often GCP training should be completed.