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Flexibility Key to Successful Remote Monitoring Evolution in Clinical Trials

In Greek classical literature, “know thyself” is inscribed over the entrance to the temple of Delphi. Poor Oedipus doesn’t know himself at all, and that’s where his troubles begin. For Nicole Tierney, CCRA, BA, a principal clinical research associate with NAMSA, a medical device contract research organization (CRO), it’s also important to “know what sites […]

The Journey from Biologic to Biosimilar—A Clinical Perspective

Clinical Researcher—January 2021 (Volume 35, Issue 1) PEER REVIEWED Wasi Akhtar, BPharm, MBA   Biosimilars, even though they are newer versions of existing, trade-name biological products whose patents have expired and share identical amino acid sequences with those earlier products, are not identical to the reference product. Biosimilars do not utilize the same living cell […]

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Webinar—Clinical Trial Diversity: Strategies to Support Patients, Sites, and Sponsors

Join executives from Merck Research Laboratories to explore practical strategies for engaging and enrolling diverse patients in clinical trials.


Webinar—Session I: Continuing Organizational SOP Needs to Maintain Compliance

Join us for part one of the Webinar series ‘Adaptive Operational Optimization through Transformative SOPs’ and learn to transform operational effectiveness by drafting your clinical research SOPs to be specific, meaningful, and productive for your unique organization.


Webinar—Session II: Transforming SOP Infrastructure for COVID Times

Join us for part two of the Webinar series ‘Adaptive Operational Optimization through Transformative SOPs’ and explore the stages of the SOP life cycle beyond merely drafting to include training and enforcement as well.


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