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Clinical Trial Completion Rates Decline During COVID-19 Pandemic

Social distancing and lockdowns may have reduced the spread of COVID-19, but researchers from Penn State College of Medicine also report those actions may have affected clinical researchers’ ability to finish trials. Between April and October 2020, study completion rates dropped worldwide between 13% and 23%, depending on the type of research sponsor and […]

Cancer Discovery Could Revive Failed Treatments for Solid Tumors

New research from the University of Virginia (UVA) Cancer Center could rescue once-promising immunotherapies for treating solid cancer tumors, such as ovarian, colon, and triple-negative breast cancer, that ultimately failed in human clinical trials. The research led by UVA’s Jogender Tushir-Singh, PhD, explains why the antibody approaches effectively killed cancer tumors in lab tests but proved […]

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Webinar—Practical Tips for Career Development

Explore techniques you can use to develop as a leader and gain tools to build a strong team that fosters open communication and respect of different personality styles.


Webinar—Building Relationships With Healthcare Professionals and Community Groups to Increase Enrollment

Join Continuum Clinical to explore best practices for building and maintaining relationships with healthcare professionals and community groups to increase study enrollment.


Webinar—Improving Technology Proficiency in Clinical Research

Join us as we explore how research sites must develop a true technology strategy and develop proficiencies in selecting, implementing, maintaining and connecting their technology.


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