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Through our gold-standard education, the most rigorous certification process in the industry, and strong community connections — ACRP prepares clinical research professionals to be the study team members employers can trust to get it right.


Advancing People Advancing Health™

ACRP is the only non-profit organization solely dedicated to representing, supporting, and advocating for clinical research professionals. We help ensure quality and integrity in the clinical research process.

The Most Rigorous Training and Continuing Education for Clinical Research Professionals

The clinical research industry relies on ACRP to set and serve as the standard of excellence in clinical research. Our educational training is one of few based on the Multi-Regional Clinical Trial Center’s Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency.

The Industry’s Most Recognized and Respected Endorsement for Clinical Research Competency

More than 40,000 clinical research professionals have validated their clinical trial competency through successful completion of our industry-leading, accredited certification programs.

Leading the Way for Workforce Development in Clinical Research

We are committed to helping build a diverse, research-ready clinical trial workforce by raising awareness, setting standards, breaking barriers, and fostering thought leadership.

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We welcome the opportunity to support your team development.

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Every step of the way, ACRP helps organizations efficiently and confidently ensure their study teams are well trained, prepared, and supported. Our solutions are flexible, customizable, and scalable.

Workforce Development

  • Resources to Inspire and Attract the Future Workforce

  • Opportunities to Impact the Clinical Research Profession

Talent Assessment

  • Proprietary Knowledge Assessment Tool Developed in Conjunction with Industry Experts and Pressure Tested by Thousands

Foundational Training

  • A Proven Early Talent Training Program to Accelerate Workforce Development

  • Foundational Training Curriculum Specifically Designed for Investigator, Coordinator, Monitor, and Project Manager Roles

Competency Validation & Professional Growth

  • Accredited Credentialing Programs to Validate Competency and Support Continuous Professional Development

Skill & Leadership Building

  • 200+ Online, On-Demand Training and Continuing Education Programs

  • The Premier Annual Networking Event for Clinical Research Professionals

Featured Services

ACRP Organization Membership

For organizations who want to provide their clinical study teams with continuous, ongoing education and professional development resources, Organization Membership is a turnkey and scalable solution. With ACRP Membership, study teams stay engaged with the profession and get the tools they need to flourish.

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ACRP Early Talent Training Program™

For managers of clinical research teams who are committed to recruiting and retaining the best of the best, ACRP’s Early Talent Training Program™ is an ideal solution for accelerating talent onto study teams.

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ACRP CRC Core Competency Foundations™ Training Program

For employers who need to onboard new coordinators and/or establish consistency in foundational knowledge to keep study teams working in lockstep, ACRP’s CRC Core Competency Foundations™ training program delivers practical, hands-on learning based on real-world protocol execution.

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