Clinical Team Brings Superpowers to All-Star Challenge

hyperCORE Team Competes in ACRP All-Star Challenge for Sites in Nashville

hyperCORE Team Competes in ACRP All-Star Challenge for Sites in Nashville

Marvel Comics superheroes the Fantastic Four face off against villains with names like Annihilus, Doctor Doom, the Mole Man, and Galactus to save the day with ingenuity and commitment. A different kind of fantastic four made their debut at the ACRP 2019 annual conference in Nashville in April, representing hyperCORE and winning the ACRP All-Star Challenge for Sites.

Teams were asked to confront three real-world scenarios and present collaborative solutions to a panel of industry-leading judges. The scenarios were not provided in advance of the challenge day.

“We got really lucky we chose the team name Fantastic Four,” says Christine Senn, PhD, CCRC, CPI, FACRP, ACRP-CP, chief implementation and operations officer with IACT Health and part of the hyperCORE team.

The name, Senn explains, helped the team convey to the judges how group members can work together and gain power by sharing strengths and shoring up weaknesses.

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“We each took on the character of one person” from the comic book gang. Senn chose Thing, “the big hulky guy who looks like stone, so I was the structure and compliance” specialist for the team. Other team members offered specialties in business development, patient recruitment, and executive leadership, she said.

The case study presented a number of thorny challenges in great detail as it laid the problems to be addressed by the team, Senn added.

While winning was a nice plus, Senn said she was happy from the start to be participating. “The value didn’t come from winning, but from getting to listen to how other people think,” she said. “No matter how long you’ve been in any industry, whatever you’re doing, listening to other people think and conceptualize is always valuable. I got an entire day of thinking in a different way, and it was great.”

Another plus? Validation. “It was kind of enjoyable when you come up with a solution and others tell you it’s a good solution” they maybe had not thought of before, Senn said.

A team from Vanderbilt University Medical Center took second place, and one from Sarah Cannon Research Institute placed third.

Author: Michael Causey