3 Questions With…Erika Stevens, Recherche Transformation Rapide, LLC

We're excited to kick off our new ACRP TV web series by talking to Erika Stevens, Principal, Recherche Transformation Rapide, LLC, and Vice Chair of the ACRP Board of Trustees. In Episode 1, Erika discusses how the move toward automation and process efficiency has impacted clinical trials, why the clinical trial industry needs to do […]

Drug Industry Continues Focus on Pediatric Trials

America’s biopharmaceutical researchers are currently conducting more than 2,100 industry-sponsored pediatric clinical trials and testing 80 investigational medicines involving more than 1.2 million pediatric patients, according to a new report from PhRMA, the drug industry trade association. Medicines in development include a gene-edited cell therapy that could become a one-time treatment for sickle cell […]

Beth Harper, ACRP Workforce Innovation Officer

Clinical Trial Workforce Struggles in Absence of Clear Career Paths, Professional Standards

Imagine Alex Trebek asking Jeopardy contestants to name a major industry lacking clear career paths. He arches his eyebrow as he intones, “This important workforce doesn’t have mandated classes to take to learn specific requirements, or officially recognized exams to master to demonstrate a required skillset. What’s more, this workforce isn’t given a clear entry […]

Kelly Willenberg, Manager, Willenberg & Associates Inc.

Sites Leverage Coverage Analysis as Roadmap to New Revenue

Foodies are sometimes surprised to find their favorite popular bistro shutting the doors for good and going out of business. It makes no sense, they’ll say, because the place was always so crowded. However, grizzled restaurateurs will tell you crowds don’t always equal success if the business isn’t being run properly. Same thing goes for […]