Dr. Susan Smith Kuczmarski, Author

Are You Ready to Lead?

While many clinical trial professionals struggle with the lack of clear career paths in the industry, there are tools, tactics, and best practices to help spot and leverage new opportunities. In this occasional series, we’ll hear from leading experts both in and outside the clinical trial industry as they offer insights on how to thrive […]

Linda Ridpath, Trial Participant

Lupus Advocates Call for More Clinical Trial Attention

Physicians who don’t suggest a clinical trial until other efforts have failed are selling such studies and their potential volunteer patients short, says trial participant Linda Ridpath. Diagnosed with lupus 25 years ago, she is currently enrolled in her third study—this time for a drug already approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) […]

Mark Lacy, CEO of Benchmark Research and CEO of hyperCORE International

Will Consolidation Transform Clinical Trial Landscape?

Increasing competition for a shallow, specialized patient pool is putting potentially terminal pressure on smaller clinical trial operations, some experts suggest. If that’s the future, a new entity plans to be ready. hyperCORE International, a “super network” of clinical research site organizations unveiled in April, has just formed the second largest site network in the […]

Fahmina Rahman headshot

Clinical Trials: From in the Room to Behind the Scenes

PAID MESSAGE As a study coordinator at a major cancer center, I was fortunate enough to work closely with oncologists and their patients. Sometimes, I'd developed a special rapport with a nervous family of a newly diagnosed patient, who would quickly find themselves overwhelmed with the barrage of doctors, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, and radiologists. Participating […]

Dollar Sign Image

Clinical Trials Fuel Local Economies

Clinical trial professionals have much to be proud about when they get to work each morning. Improving quality of life. Advancing medical innovations. Giving hope to the hopeless. Turns out, they’re pumping up local economies, too. America’s biopharmaceutical companies sponsored more than 4,500 clinical trials in 2017 in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, […]