Federal Report Touts Role of AI in Boosting Clinical Research

“The U.S. healthcare system is at an important crossroads as it faces major demographic shifts, burgeoning costs, and transformative technologies,” says a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the National Academy of Medicine. The report touts the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) “to help identify new treatments, reduce […]

Merck Ambassador Program Educates Youth on Value of Clinical Trial Careers

Merck is putting time and resources behind an innovative effort to “train from the ground up” with separate Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Ambassador and intern programs that have already netted nearly 20 new Merck clinical trial professionals, says Jennifer Sheller, Merck GCTO (Global Clinical Trial Operations) Regional Head, North America. The CRA Ambassador initiative is […]

Trial Billing Issues Damage Important Business Relationships

Next time you are stuck on a commuter train, think about how the conductor handles the delay. Does he or she get on the speaker immediately to tell you what’s happening or even to admit they are still working to decipher the problem? Or do you sit stewing as the conductor leaves you in a […]

Effective Leaders Don’t Settle for Being Managers

If you don’t know the difference between a manager and a leader, do yourself a favor and learn how to become the latter for the betterment of your career, your clinical trial colleagues, and your patients, says Karina Loyo, director of clinical researcher services at Prelude Dynamics. “Managers dish out assignments, and get the minimal […]