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Benefits of ACRP Certification

ACRP Certification is the industry’s most recognized and respected endorsement for clinical research competency. Discover why more than 40,000 clinical research professionals have earned the flagship certification in clinical research.


The Certification That is “Far and Above the Basics”

With a 30-year legacy, ACRP Certification is the most reputable credentialing program in clinical research. Since 1992, more than 40,000 professionals and their employers have come to trust ACRP Certification as the mark of excellence in clinical research.

The Gold Standard & The Qualifications to Prove It

ACRP Certified professionals say their achievement results in:

  • Greater Confidence & Responsibility on the Job

  • More Employment & Career Growth Opportunities

  • Promotions, Bonuses & Salary Increases

For employers, ACRP Certification is an ideal solution for managers looking to enhance team knowledge, grow leaders, and signify to others that their study teams are among the best of the best. Studies also show ACRP Certification improves clinical trial operations, including higher enrollment rates, lower protocol deviations, and better inspection performance (Download Studies >).

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ACRP Certification Programs

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