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Clinical research professionals know what it takes to keep the research process moving forward—and that it does so ethically and responsibly throughout the world. Their role is critical and their insights invaluable. That is why ACRP is committed to amplifying the voice of clinical research professionals at all levels.

We’re a passionate advocate of clinical research professionals for many reasons. But perhaps the most important reason is that we know ACRP-affiliated clinical researchers are always ready for the future.

With the support of ACRP’s Partners Advancing the Clinical Research Workforce™, we are informing and influencing industry understanding of the challenges and opportunities in clinical research workforce development through thought leadership.

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Join industry leaders and get recognized for helping to build a diverse, research-ready workforce.

ACRP workforce development partners gain access to a preeminent industry consortium that is breaking down barriers to entry in the clinical research workforce and creating fundamental change in industry recruiting and retention strategies.

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This new white paper examines recent work by ACRP and its members to build awareness of the need for a new budget model for sites and to leverage the adoption of decentralized clinical trial (DCT) elements to improve how sites are supported in their critical contribution to drug development.

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This special report documents members’ and stakeholders’ perspectives on the realities of implementing decentralized approaches at sites.

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Barriers to Bridges White Paper Cover

This white paper explores the growing workforce shortage in clinical research, its root causes, and disruptive ways to turn barriers into bridges.

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DCT White Paper Cover

This white paper assess the significant implications of how decentralized clinical trials leverage digital technologies to interact remotely with trial participants.

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COVID 19 White Paper Cover

This white paper spotlights the impact of COVID-19 on clincal research professionals at both an organizational and human level.

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Special Report: Is the Clinical Trial Workforce Prepared for the Future?

“There is an elephant in the room few are willing to talk about: Today’s clinical trial workforce lacks systematic and industry-aligned training, standards, and vetting to ensure consistent quality.”

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Now is the Time to Fix the Clinical Research Workforce Crisis

Authors: Stephanie A Freel, Denise C. Snyder, Kara Bastarache, Carolynn Thomas Jones, Mark B. Marchant, Laura A. Rowley, Stephen A. Sonstein, Karen M. Lipworth, and Susan P. Landis; Clinical Trials: Journal of the Society for Clinical Trials, DOI: 10.1177/17407745231177885, June 2, 2023, Sage Journals.

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