Site Health Check Designed to Provide Metrics That Matter to Sites

Rachel Lewis, Director, Project Management with Merck


Site Health Check is a Merck initiative that will provide key metrics to its clinical sites. The reporting tool is currently in development with plans for a full launch later this year.

Keeping open a clear line of communication with clinical sites helps define expectations on both sides of the partnership. The concept for Site Health Check was born out of conversations with site-based representatives who wanted information on how they can continue improving and innovating at their location.

The data will consist of simple, key performance metrics that offer early insights into where action is needed. The information is customized for each site and will show how it compares to other locations in the same study. Site Health Check will offer benchmark data in five key areas:

  1. Milestones/Cycle Time. Highlight key milestones and dates at the site level, including how study start-up cycle times compare to other sites participating in the study within their country, region, or around the globe.
  2. Enrollment. Explain how enrollment is progressing and compares to the site’s commitment.
  3. Deviations. Detail how quality aligns with other study sites and how the site’s rate is trending over time.
  4. Queries. Show total number of queries, how many are still open, average cycle time to close them, in what categories the queries are occurring, and how long they have been open.
  5. Site Entry Expectations. Outline how data entry cycle times are trending over time, and what type of forms are pending data entry.

The Site Health Check team engaged with sites by co-developing a prototype of the tool with site-based representatives in 2019 and that prototype is being piloted. Full implementation across all of Merck’s sites is planned for 2020.

For questions about Site Health Check, please contact Project Lead Rachel Lewis (