CISCRP Exercise Challenge Recognizes Medical Heroes

Ellyn Getz

Ellyn Getz, Associate Director for Development and Community Engagement, CISCRP

The federal tax filing deadline has been postponed to July this year, but there’s still a chance to feel a different (and far more positive) kind of pain on April 15, when the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) kicks off its 2nd annual Medical Hero Appreci-a-thon. The event brings the global clinical research community together to express appreciation for all “Medical Heroes”—medical and healthcare professionals, researchers, and study volunteers. This year, CISCRP invites the public to participate in a virtual fitness opportunity that ends May 15.

“Clinical research is so critical today” that we want to make sure those involved in clinical trials are part of the recognition and fun, says Ellyn Getz, associate director for development and community engagement at CISCRP. “Medical, healthcare, and research professionals are working tirelessly to provide care and treatment. And patients, their families, and the public are seeking information and hope. Join us in showing your support and appreciation for the many dedicated ‘Medical Heroes’ around the world by participating in this virtual fitness challenge.”

Participants can share the distance they will go to recognize Medical Heroes by tracking any form of exercise—cycling, running, elliptical, weightlifting, sit-ups, yoga, stair climbing, pet-walking, and other physical activities—on the Appreci-a-thon portal. Donations received in support of the virtual fitness challenge provide educational programs designed to help patients and their families navigate the clinical research process.

“Throughout the campaign, CISCRP will be sharing inspiring Medical Hero stories and information about clinical research,” Getz says. Sponsors will receive special recognition throughout the campaign highlighting their leadership in patient engagement, she adds.

“Participants can log any kind of intentional exercise,” Getz says. A few fun ones to consider: playing with kids around the house, walking your dog, dancing, household work, jumping rope, any active electronic sports, sit-ups, push-ups, and stair climbing.

CISCRP will also promote individuals and organizations with the most digital spirit, top fundraisers, and largest groups. During this time when so many are sequestered at home, Getz and crew hope the challenge will inspire both mental and physical activity. To help couch potatoes get off the sofa, they offer several free pre-workouts including:

Participants can register for free at For additional information, including sponsorship opportunities, reach out to Justine Holleran at or 617-725-2750 x322.

Edited by Michael Causey