COVID-19 Still Disrupting Some Trials

Image courtesy of Centers for Disease Control. Credit: Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

COVID-19 continues to disrupt clinical trials in 2021, though the degree varies from one therapeutic area to another, says a new survey by GlobalData.

Comparing April 2020 to February 2021, the numbers of disrupted oncology, gastrointestinal, respiratory, and immunology trials decreased, according to Scotty Chung-Siu, MPH, senior analyst at GlobalData. Oncology saw the biggest decease in the number of disrupted clinical trials (4.9%), followed by respiratory (2.8%).

Other therapeutic areas such as musculoskeletal disorders, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular, and central nervous system saw increases in disrupted trials. Central nervous system saw the greatest increase (4.1%), followed by metabolic disorders (3.3%).

“There is also a high risk to subjects in a clinical trial who have a serious chronic or acute condition that affects their immune system, giving them a greater chance of contracting COVID-19,” Chung-Siu said. “It is hard to determine when and how long the disrupted clinical trials will take to return to normal.”

Edited by Michael Causey