Clinical Trials Day is Today (and Every Day!)

Erika Stevens

Physician James Lind probably never realized what he set in motion in May 1747 when he conducted what historians generally regard as the first clinical trial. Today, more than 270 years later, we celebrate Clinical Trials Day 2021 in recognition of his spirit of scientific discovery and its continuance in the professionals and participants of the modern clinical research enterprise.

Since Lind’s efforts to thwart scurvy, a disease some estimate killed more British seamen than enemy weapons, the clinical trial industry has expanded vastly in scope and ambition. The clinical trial workforce is comprised of dedicated individuals like you, helping to extend lifespans and alleviate suffering with the advancement of therapies.

From polio to malaria, from heart disease to mental health treatments, the work you perform is literally of life and death importance to millions around the globe. Clinical Trials Day is a single day on the calendar, nonetheless we appreciate your efforts each day of the year.

The COVID-19 pandemic cast a spotlight on the clinical trial industry, further confirming the criticality of your efforts in developing vaccines and treatments at astonishing speed. Pivoting to decentralized approaches, you answered the call to carry on as the workforce of the industry.

On behalf of ACRP, I applaud your work. Bravo! Each day, you rise above many challenges to help advance critical treatments and vital devices designed for improving human life.

We set aside Clinical Trials Day to loudly sing your praises each May 20. Please know, we value you and your contributions 365 days a year.

Merci Beaucoup,





Erika Stevens, MA, is the 2021 Chair of the Association Board of Trustees for ACRP.