Survey Finds Spike in Adoption of Decentralized Clinical Trials Since COVID-19 Hit

Graph Showing Growth Trend

Looking for more evidence that decentralized clinical trials are for real? Check out the new “Digital Clinical Trials Survey Report” from Veeva, which found that adoption of decentralized technologies accelerated rapidly to enable remote study execution during COVID-19.

The survey of 280 clinical leaders worldwide found most (87%) are using some type of decentralized technology, up from 28% in pre-pandemic conditions.

Other survey findings:

More clinical apps: Companies added an average of four new applications to their clinical landscape, leading to issues with data collection and stakeholder collaboration and impacting study quality and speed.

Fragmented technology is causing challenges: Nearly all sponsors and contract research organizations (99%) reported significant challenges with decentralized trials. Major changes are happening to address lack of site technology adoption (70%) and increased burden for technology-averse patients (50%).

Future transition to completely digital trials: Most respondents (95%) say they have initiatives under way to establish a digital foundation for patient- and site-centric trials that will better support sites, improve data sharing and collaboration, and eliminate silos through a connected network. Respondents are accelerating the digital transformation necessary to advance toward paperless trials.

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Edited by Michael Causey