Site Technology: The Future is Free

Bill Cooney, MBA, President and Chief Innovation Officer, MedPoint Digital, Inc.


Clinical research is getting more expensive for sites. MedPoint Digital wants to change that.

Ask any study site: Sponsors are looking to lower costs at sites, while requiring higher quality and faster performance. To achieve this, many sponsors are expecting sites to deploy new technologies, but study sites face challenges in funding expensive platforms such as CTMS, eSource systems and eReg binders. Indeed, some sponsors will only select sites that have on-boarded eClinical technologies, leaving more and more study sites out of the running for site selection. For many investigators, the choice may be between higher spending on technology or losing out on new studies.

MedPoint Digital is working to change the cost equation for eClinical technology. We believe that if new technologies are needed at study sites, the sponsors should provide the funding, not the sites. After all, it’s the sponsors who economically benefit from newly developed drugs.

“… if new technologies are needed at study sites, the sponsors should provide the funding, not the sites.”

MedPoint Digital’s business is developing and selling innovative technologies to study sponsors, such as TriPort® Trial Portal, InSite Virtual® Monitoring and Elevation® Virtual Investigator Meetings. Recently, we have embarked on a mission to develop vital eClinical technologies that are not only free to sites, but free to sponsors as well. Our strategy is to increase the value of the platforms we sell to sponsors by interoperating with the platforms we provide free to sites.

Currently we are offering two platforms at no cost.

Study eSafe ™

Study eSafe is an eISF platform, commonly referred to as an eReg Binder, operated by study sites to manage regulatory documents. Study eSafe incorporates versatile time-saving functions and is easy for sites to custom configure. Competing providers with similar platforms charge sites as much as $1000 per study binder. Study eSafe also incorporates a source document binder with special features and structure. Sites have complete control of Study eSafe and typically allow sponsors’ CRAs to access documents remotely.


OpenSite is a new platform that serves as “The Global Network for Clinical Research.” Investigators, sponsors and other clinical research professionals can join this platform and grow their network of connections. It has a social media format similar to LinkedIn but is exclusively for the medical research community. Importantly, OpenSite not only allows people to connect, it also supports the vital process of sponsors and sites connecting for site selection.

Our mission at MedPoint is to provide free platforms that are operated in a transparent and ethical manner. In other words, technology that can be trusted. To achieve that, Study eSafe and OpenSite share some important characteristics that make them different from all other platforms. A big difference is the promise we make to our platform users.

“Our mission is to provide free platforms that are operated in a transparent and ethical manner.”

The MedPoint Promise

  • Free – There are no charges, no contracts and no surprises in our free offer. Free use is available for sites and sponsors alike. We are continually upgrading our platforms and all users have access to the best version available.
  • Open – Both platforms are available to all clinical research professionals, worldwide. You do not need to be a customer of MedPoint, a member of a consortium, or a subscriber to any service.
  • Private – Unlike many other free digital services, our commercial model is not based on aggregating and selling user data to third parties. We respect the privacy of your identity, information, activities and documents on our platforms, and we never sell or share your data with third parties. You decide if you want to grant document access to CRAs or share information with sponsors. And you directly control such access on an individual basis.
  • Transparent – On both platforms, as a user you can readily see all information about you and your organization. We do not add or append any other data about you from any other sources. This is different from many platforms and providers in clinical research that collect and monetize data about research sites that the sites cannot see or control.
  • Secure – We operate our platforms to the highest levels of security in the biopharmaceutical industry. These platforms are reserved for use only by research professionals and are not available to patients or the public. To maintain a beneficial digital environment, we enforce various rules on proper use by all parties.
  • Simplicity – We strive to develop platforms that are clear, simple and intuitive. All MedPoint technologies are built to be highly functional yet easy to use. Most users require no training to effectively use our platforms.
  • Service – We back every platform with responsive support. Our business is built on user satisfaction and we will provide the services and support you need to succeed.

Hopefully the MedPoint Promise sounds attractive, but you’re probably wondering: How can these platforms be free? What’s in it for MedPoint?

For OpenSite, the answer is that sponsors can opt to engage with MedPoint on services to support study start-up. Yes, we charge for that! However, such services are purely optional and not tied to free access to OpenSite for all sponsors. When we do provide start-up services to a sponsor, sites still control access to their information on OpenSite.

Similarly, for Study eSafe, our business is selling technologies such as TriPort Trial Portal and InSite Virtual monitoring to study sponsors. These services are more valuable and effective when sites use Study eSafe and grant CRAs access. But all services are optional and sites can grant access to eSafe for sponsors and CRAs who are not working with MedPoint.

At MedPoint Digital, our mission is to identify solutions like OpenSite and Study eSafe that are free to study sites and ultimately funded by sponsors. If you’d like to know more about these valuable platforms, please visit