The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Diversity Advisory Council

The Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) is a group of industry leaders who serve as a volunteer resource supporting ACRP’s efforts to increase diversity in the clinical research workforce.

DAC members recommend strategies to recruit and retain outstanding, high-quality clinical research professionals and students from historically underrepresented groups.

Current DAC activities are designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Grow the diversity of the clinical research workforce;
  • Develop and enrich the existing minority workforce; and
  • Enhance organizational effectiveness and engagement on the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

ACRP’s DEI Statement & Guiding Principles: Diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential values to the success of ACRP. We are committed to serve equitably.

Get Resources to Support Your DEI Initiatives: ACRP has curated resources to provide organizations the information, tools, and resources they need to effectively improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the clinical research workforce.

Association of Clinical Research Professionals’ Response to FDA Draft Guidance on Diversity in Clinical Trials: The ACRP Diversity Advisory Council was published in Update, the quarterly magazine of the Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI). DAC members—who have extensive day-to-day experience on the realities of running clinical trials—provided their viewpoints on the pathways forward for sites and sponsors. Shared with the permission of FDLI.


Ashley Moultrie

CHAIR, Ashley C. Moultrie, CCRP
Director of DEI & Community Engagement, Javara
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R’Kes Starling, RPh, MBA

Chief Executive Officer/President, Reveles
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Danielle Mitchell

CEO and Founder, Black Women in Clinical Research
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Judy Galindo

Judy Galindo

Director of Research/Co-Owner, Sunvalley Research Center, Inc., Co-Founder, Latinos in Clinical Research
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Pamela Nelson, PhD, MSN
Founder/CEO, Bracane Company, Inc.
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LaQuinta Jernigan

Chief Operating Officer, mdgroup
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Aida Sabo

Vice President of Diversity, Parexel

Lutheria Hollis, CCRC, CRA
Clinical Research Associate II, PPD, part of ThermoFisher
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Virginia Nido

Global Head, Product Development Industry Collaborations, Genentech
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Adrelia Allen

Director, Clinical Trial Patient Diversity, Merck Research Labs
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Yonjong Choi

Yonjong Choi

Research Coordinator, University of Rochester Medical Center
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Jamie Langley

Jamie Langley

Global Head, Parexel Academy
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Thank You to the Following DAC Working Group Volunteers

Catharine Barnes, University of North Carolina
Cassandra Brisbane, Luminis Health AAMC Research Institute
Kimberly Brown, Medical University of South Carolina
Jessica Fritter, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Pete Fronte, Altura
Judy Galindo, Sun Valley Research Center

Nakema Glanton, Florence Healthcare
Marty Kerensa, Sarah Cannon
Will Krugman, Clinical Research Associates Inc.
Mark Lacy, Benchmark Research
Mark Marchant, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Ashley Margo, The AM Approach
Amanda Powell, Sarah Cannon
Melisa Price, UC Davis
Tana Schiewer, Nurses Now Staffing
Clare Tyson, Medical University of South Carolina



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