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Honoring National Hispanic Heritage Month

ACRP honors National Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic and Latinx Americans in clinical research.

Gracias por todo lo que ustedes hacen para promover la excelencia en investigación clínica.

Thank you for all you do to promote excellence in clinical research.

“We acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinary work done in clinical research by Hispanics from all over the world. Increasing diversity and inclusion in clinical trials is important. We need to continue these efforts but also realize that each community is different, and one size does not fit all in what we do in clinical research.”

– Judy Galindo, CCRC
Executive Director, Sun Valley Research Center, Inc.
Co-Founder, Latinos in Clinical Research

Underrepresentation by the Numbers


The Hispanic/Latinx population of the U.S. constitutes the second largest racial/ethnic group in the nation, accounting for more than 60 million individuals.

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Hispanic patients make up just 11% of all U.S. clinical trial participants, despite representing 19% of the U.S. population.

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Latinos represent less than 10% of volunteers in cancer trials, despite cancer being the top cause of death for Latinos.

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Eneida Nemecek nhhm

“Cancer incidence in Latinos is on the rise and the risk of poor outcomes and mortalities is high due to socioeconomic disparities. This also translates into lower participation in clinical trials. We wanted to challenge these trends by proposing a model to reach out to the Hispanic/Latino community to start a conversation about their understanding of cancer care and research.”

– Eneida R. Nemecek, MD, MS, MBA, Medical Director of Clinical Research, Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

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Cassandra Andrade - NHHM

“After seeing the challenges experienced by study teams in need of translated versions of key essential documents to get patients from ethnic minority groups to participate in their trials, it was evident that communicating to non-English patients was often an afterthought and not necessarily built into the clinical trial design.”

– Cassandra Andrade, Director of Strategic Accounts – Trial Interactive at TransPerfect, and Brand Ambassador for Latinos in Clinical Research

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Emi Pell - NHHM

“Our experience of working with and for Latinx audiences is that trust is a major factor; one that needs to remain top of mind throughout any work being completed for them. Primarily, where this intersects with the work we do is in ensuring the Latinx audience can see themselves in the materials being produced.”

– Emi Pell, Head of Sales and Marketing (Global) at Conversis

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“Hispanic heritage is very important in this country—not only because we’re the largest minority—but we have been part of this nation from the beginning of history. I think this is important to mention and recognize in the effort of recruiting greater number of subjects of Hispanic background into clinical studies.”

– Bernardo Ng, MD
President, Mexican Consortium Neuropsychopharmacology
Medical Director, Sun Valley Behavioral and Research Centers