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Honoring National Hispanic Heritage Month

ACRP honors National Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic and Latinx Americans in clinical research.

Gracias por todo lo que ustedes hacen para promover la excelencia en investigación clínica.



“I think it’s valuable for us to find more creative ways to reach out to the Latinx and Hispanic community… [I]n order to fully represent all the communities we need to make sure that their numbers are up with other populations.”

Aida Sabo, Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Parexel
Member of ACRP’s Diversity Advisory Council

Underrepresentation by the Numbers


The Hispanic/Latinx population of the U.S. constitutes the second largest racial/ethnic group in the nation, accounting for more than 60 million individuals.

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Hispanic patients make up just 11% of all U.S. clinical trial participants, despite representing 19% of the U.S. population.

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Latinos represent less than 10% of volunteers in cancer trials, despite cancer being the top cause of death for Latinos.

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Judy Galindo

“If I try to enroll people with all Caucasian staff that don’t speak Spanish, I won’t get anyone.”

Judy Galindo, CCRC
Director of Research
Sun Valley Research Center
Member of ACRP’s Diversity Advisory Council

Learn about the correlation between workforce and patient diversity, and how collaborative efforts are the key to improving representation of the Latinx community in clinical trials. More >

“Classifying Hispanic/Latinx as one ethnic category is problematic itself… Use of Hispanic/Latinx underestimates the diversity and heterogeneity of the population and it’s impact on cancer risk, health behaviors, and outcomes.”

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Photograph of Michaele-Linden Johnson

“We’re all about developing a workforce designed to reflect our patient population.”

Michaele Linden-Johnson, FACHE, MBA, LCSW
Director Clinical Trials and Business Development
Medical Center of the Americas (MCA) Foundation Cardwell Collaborative

Learn about the success of the Clinical Trials Academy in building a diverse workforce reflective of MCA’s nearly 90% Hispanic patient population centered around El Paso, Texas. More >

“Many Latinos don’t understand clinical trials, or they’ve heard something bad from someone. We have to reach out in communities, we have to go beyond ads and social media, and be more proactive.”

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