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Academy Item Writers

What is Item Writing?

Item writing is an essential component of the exam development process that involves subject matter experts (SME) writing test questions, or items, for use on future examinations.

What is an item writer?

Item writers are recruited SMEs who author, review, and edit test questions under the direction of a psychometrician. ACRP’s item writers complete item writer training, are currently certified (CCRA, CCRC, CPI, or ACRP-CP), and are content experts.

Why should I become an item writer?

If you want to make a direct contribution to the clinical research enterprise, build your network, or illustrate your leadership capabilities, then item writing is a great opportunity. Item writers enjoy the benefit of collaborating with other SMEs while developing ACRP’s certification program. All item writers are volunteers who receive recognition annually and Continuing Education (research) points, valid toward maintaining their Certification.

Item Write Training

The Item Writer Training – open exclusively to ACRP Certified professionals – is held annually during a two-day virtual workshop. Individuals who complete the two-day item writer training will receive eight (8) points towards their maintenance of certification.

More About the Training

Led by a psychometrician, this interactive training provides a full understanding of the science involved in writing quality high-stakes examinations. ACRP’s Global Exam Committee members also work with attendees during the exercise portion, to develop new items using their areas of specialty in clinical research.

Participation as an Item Writer is the first step to other ACRP volunteer opportunities such as serving on ACRP’s Global Exam Committee. If you want to expand your experience and make an impact, this is a great opportunity!

How do I become an item writer?

ACRP’s Item Writer Training is held annually. If you are currently certified and interested in becoming an item writer or have questions about the process, contact Steven Gonzalez, Associate Director of Certification