The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Email List Rental

Reach a targeted, highly qualified audience with a credible partner. With over 13,000 members and 35,000 qualified non-members, the ACRP contact list is available for limited use by sponsors seeking to deliver a message and call to action to professionals in the industry.

Audience & Reach

  • Clinical Research Coordinators – 7,300+
  • Clinical Research Associates/Monitors – 4,200+
  • Investigators – 1,100+


  • Setup Fee — $1,000
  • Contacts Fee — $300 per thousand

Custom audiences available upon request.


Tammy B. Myers, CEM




Sponsor to deliver information at least 72 hours in advance of requested distribution date:

  • Email Content (following outline provided in ‘sponsored’ template), including:
  • Headline Text (Limited to 65 Characters)
  • Body Text and Links (Body Copy Limited to 300 Words Maximum)
  • Company Logo (240 pixels x 240 pixels maximum in .png format)
  • Content must be provided in Word .doc format
  • Email Subject Line, which will be appended with the following text:
  • “, via ACRP Sponsor” SPONSOR_NAME (Example: Register for Our Course, via ACRP Sponsor Company Name)
  • Email Sender/From is always ‘ACRP’
  • Distribution List in .csv Format
  • Designated Sponsor Contact Email Address

Timelines & Delivery

Within 24-36 hours of receipt of materials, ACRP will assemble and distribute a test email for sponsor review and approval.

After sponsor approval is communicated, final email will be scheduled for delivery at agreed-upon date during normal business hours (8:30am-5:00pm, EST) to audience distribution list and designated sponsor contact.